Sunday, December 20, 2020

Berth # 13

BERTH # 13

( Romantic Train Journey )

Vishnu was waiting for Train, Train arrived at 11.40 pm , he took his berth #14 in the coupé, other two seats were vacant.  Someone was sleeping with face covered at #13. He too got into bed and the train started. Suddenly, he heard sound of strong coughing, fast breathing and movement, he woke up and saw a young girl who was having difficulty in breathing, and walking in corridor, probably looking for some help. He came to her and asked about her discomfort. She felt good to see Vishnu and came to her berth which was just next to Vishnu berth. Vishnu asked her if she needs any medicine for fever and cough, she agreed and Vishnu gave her the medicine.

Both continued talking and were talking about their work, family and the purpose of current journey. Siya was her name and was going to her friend Vinita at Sahilpore. Vishnu was also going to same place for some meeting. 

During the talk, She told that her boy friend left her after she got pregnant and she doesn't want to see him again. She also didn't want to share this with her parents and relatives. She was under tremendous stress and she planned to leave her place and stay with her friend here for sometime to reflect on the issue.

Vishnu told her that she is innocent, there is no mistake from her side. Relationship is all about trust and you trusted your boyfriend. What's wrong in this...

Vishnu told her, if you have no objection, I can marry you because I  find you honest and bold. Siya was more than happy and took Vishnu in her arms tightly. She told Vishnu, I can't tolerate any shock now and if you also cheat me, I will suicide and don't want to live anymore. I will accept that I had born to see this life as a punishment. She asked Vishnu, you can take time and then propose because it may be so important for you to marry me but to me it's very difficult to get a gentleman now in this condition...

Vishnu told her, I proposed you and I stick to it... Considering your past and the present condition only I said yes. I know, getting a gentleman for you with this situation is not easy and hence I am getting a chance to do something real good for someone, which I don't want to miss at any cost. Listen, Siya if you don't marry me , I will suicide..I don't want to marry for just the sake of marriage...this noble gift of destiny I don't want to miss at any cost...please confirm me your decision, if you need time to think and propose, I am ready to wait for rest of my life...

Siya was impressed and overwhelmed by Vishnu  and she confirmed that now she is not going to her friend home but to a court at Sahilpore and get married first and then live together...

Both agreed and by the time train reached Sahilpore station, Vishnu & Siya had already completed their bachelor life and this train journey joined them like railway tract where one track is meaningless without other.

This journey got them their life partner and a new hope, Sahilpore junction form them became third side of a triangle that makes a open angle closed and fully defined. 

Vishnu and Shiya are now cheerful like kids and enjoying their life.

Both visited Vinita's home, she was waiting for Shiya but when She saw Shiya cheerful with a handsome man Vishnu she felt very happy and both told her  everything that happened...

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