Monday, December 21, 2020

Orange Nights


Raghav ji was a Forest officer and staying near Khagon Village. This village was not even having the basic necessities like clean drinking water, school, market etc and hence government had made the residence of Forest officer near this village so that if there is any emergency, it can be attended by him.

Raghav ji was very popular among the villagers and everyone considered him as their family member. He was taking care of all their needs.

One day, Raghav ji was going to city for few days and he asked Senu to stay at his home and attend the guests. He will be available over phone which was at his residence. Senu told him not to worry and took shifted to Raghav ji residence.

Two days later, a gentleman Jorah came to Raghav ji house and asked for him. Senu told him that Saab will be back in 2-3 days. Jorah told Senu that he has some work so he will stay today and tomorrow morning he will leave. Senu made all arrangements for him and did his best to make his stay comfortable. 

Next day morning, Senu prepared tea for the guest and got hot water for bath. After sometime, Jorah called him that he will leave in sometime. 

Jorah went out for some work and then asked his driver to start for his place. He planned to come again after some time when Raghav is also available. 

After sometime, Senu came to the guest room and found the belongings like Gold chain, expensive watch, Wallet with 10k cash etc. He thought Joraht is still there but even after calling him he didn't get any response. He went out to see him but his car was also not there. He was feeling bad that guest may face trouble because of these belongings.

He called Raghav and informed him about the incident, Raghav told him not to worry, he will convey this to Jorah. Raghav spoke to Jorah and Jorah told him that he will come back and collect his belongings.

Jorah came late evening and met Senu, he found Senu very disturbed. He asked him why he is so uncomfortable about the belongings. He told, you are our guest and if you forget to collect your belongings or if you are not comfortable, how can we feel good and remain quiet. He told, I am very happy to see you here.

Jorah asked Senu, what you do for your earnings? Senu replied, I don't have any work and I help my family and Raghav sir as and when they need any support. Jorah asked him,what you want to do ? Senu replied, I want to become a Singer but it looks I will die with this dream since it looks impossible here and hence I have stopped thinking about myself.

Jorah told him, you speak to your family, I will speak to Raghav and will make all arrangements at my place to fulfill your dream. I am extremely happy and overwhelmed with your honesty and if I don't do something meaningful for you, I can't remain peaceful. So, accept my request and come with your decision, we both will leave together.

Senu shared this proposal with his family and everyone in the family was very happy to know about this.

Senu joined Jorah and after few years he became a Star in music industry. 

Honesty is reflection of innocent always pays back

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