Tuesday, December 22, 2020

आज दादी ki शादी है....

Hozei is a young educated man and he completed his studies about six months back. He is in search of a job but as the hunt is getting late, he is finding it difficult to meet with his friends and family. This is making him isolated and depressed.

One day, he was in the market and standing near a shop. He saw a news in newspaper which was about a gentleman who reads palm and suggests remedy for any problem. Though he never believed this art but this tough time pushed him to take contact details of the source.

He met the source and was very impressed with his analysis. He told him to do service to a old age home for women. He identified one Old age home for women and started serving them daily for few hours.

One old grandma in her 70s was regularly meeting her and taking his services. She was feeling very good after meeting him. She asked her one day, why are you doing this service? He told I am not getting any job and undergoing tremendous stress and someotold me to offer this service. 
Grandma asked her, is he enjoying this service? He told yes, I am really feeling good in doing this service. Grandma told him, I am also some how attached to you now and feeling good to have your company, and if you allow me to say something about your problem, I can suggest you the remedy. He told her to share her thoughts.
Grandma told, I am not comfortable here and don't want to stay alone. I want somebody's company for rest of my life and need a commitment from you if you can do it for me. I promise to get you a good job.

Gentleman started thinking about the man who referred him to offer service here and was hopeful to get his problem solved. He asked Grandma what I have to do for you to fulfill your desire.
Grandma told him, you marry me and give commitment that whenever I need, you will come to see me. You can also marry any other girl of your choice, I don't have any problem. 
Gentleman asked him, why she is interested in marrying him? She told, just for the sense of having a partner, I feel alone and have lost interest in Life. I don't want to die in pain and grief.
Gentleman agreed, he told, I am marrying you for a noble cause of giving you a Life full of cheers and satisfaction and that will in turn keep me happy. I will marry you...

Grandma told her, I will get you a job in a week time, let's complete the marriage formalities.

Both got married, Gentleman got a good job and both were happy...

Gentleman went to meet the person who had advised him to serve in old age home. He met him and told about the marriage and job. The person told, that's great, I am very happy; but don't think that I did it. It's the nature of our Life, I had to come in for this task for you. I never knew, you are coming to me for this help and after talking to you, I never thought it will actually work. Just keep moving, we know little about the Life.

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