Friday, December 25, 2020

The Button ...

        The Button

A white car with dark closed glasses stopped near the entrance of the temple, when a young women, rishaa with puja thaali in her hand was about to reach the entrance...Two women and a man, pushed her into the  car and disappeared. The traffic was very less and the car which women had used for going to her home was waiting at some distance and driver was waiting for her call to pick her up. In the car, she was sprayed with a solution and made to sleep, soon she reached to a bungalow that belonged to Bulla. She was brought into the cabin which was in the secret basement of the bungalow. 

Her name was Shora. She was 42nd person brought here for testing the killer substance for its effectiveness. The results so far has been very encouraging and Bulla is expecting the killer material available for his people very soon. Shora was tested for the material and she fainted with very small amount of it. She remained unconscious for whole day. Shora was dropped next day at a market place by Bulla's people.

Bulla is head of a terrorist group and does killings, robbery and spends earned money in business worldwide.

Few years back, when he was on an island, he one day took a ship to see near by places. Suddenly, the weather changed and the tides became violent. He was asking captain to take control of the ship and take it to a safe zone fast. Captain was trying hard but somehow the ship hit to a rock and Bulla was thrown out on the high rock. He got severe injuries and was not able to walk. He shouted for help and try to move up on the rock to a safer place.

While moving around he saw a house at some height in the midst of the trees. He went to the house and saw a man (Zolaek) in 60 's who received him. After initial introduction, they had something to eat and during the brunch, Bulla requested Zolaek to tell about him. Zolaek with bright eyes, smiled and told Gulla about him and his accidental discovery of a material that can kill a person instantly. Bulla got excited, he offered him a good life at his place and facilities to take up his research for further improvements. 

Zolaek and Bulla left from the place to join secret basement lab at Bulla's bungalow. Bulla asked Zolaek, to make a device which can carry this material safely to kill people and can be easily handled duriy robbery. 

Zolaek stay at Bulla place was not known to anyone, accept Bulla and his assistant Dowa. They used to visit the lab through a secret passage which was in the knowledge of these two people only. Zolaek had no idea of the Bulla house and outside world.

Zolaek soon got the desired instrument which Bulla needed. Bulla started using this instrument for murders and robbery. He soon became too wealthy. 

On the other hand, victims and society were feeling unsafe and asking police to give them complete protection. Police, Intelligence and Forensic officials were not able to find any evidence on and around the murder site which can help them know the manner in which the killing happened and can track Bulla.

It was only after a very long, painful examination of the evidences, experts could understand the novel killing technique that was used by Bulla. Soon police took Bulla and his assistants into custody for judicial proceedings.

The arrest of Bulla was a great relief and celebration time for the people. It was the victory of scientific methodologies used for the investigation.

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