Friday, December 18, 2020

The Dawn

Park D'Souza ( here after PD) is a successful Indian business man and he has his operations in several other countries , like US, Europe and Africa. He is into different businesses like branded clothing, food, steel, education etc.including India and has a office and his residence in Mumbai. He keeps traveling and has very hectic life with huge business pressure. 

PD is a handsome , good looking, confident man in his 50's and loves music, sports and traveling.

He has got a good team of professionals but he can't leave things to anyone and his involvement is too high on day today basis. He is still looking for a person whom he can delegate his responsibilities with trust and can expand his business further. 

On family front, he has one charming daughter Penci of 20 yrs age who is studying in Mumbai and stays with his wife Annie. He is waiting for his daughter to complete her education and join his business in next 2-3 yrs.

PD after his hectic business trips came to Mumbai and is planning to go out at some peaceful, spiritual locations for few days. Everyone in family agreed and they planned to visit Varanasi. 

PD & F arrived in Varanasi and they opted a stay near Ganga so that they can spend time on ghats, enjoy sunrise, yoga, walking etc and boating as and when they wish.

PD loved the ghats and doing meditation there and he started spending his 3-4 hours of morning at ghats for spiritual feel of the place, exercise, prayers and meditation.

One day he was doing his meditation and and suddenly fell on floor, a young man, Sushil, sitting close to his place facing Ganga river, saw him falling and immediately took him to the nearest hospital. On the way he took his wallet, mobile phone etc in his possession to get connected with his family. He rushed to emergency, got medical assistance and waiting for the inputs from doctors. Dr Phanindra check him and told Sushil, he has got severe heart attack and you brought him here just in time, nothing to worry, we will take care, you can complete admission formalities and wait in the lounge. They also neede some blood, which he donated for immediate transfusion to help PD recover fast.

Sushil was worried to connect with his family and contact to update them on this event. He got a mobile call and spoke to his daughter Penci. He told her over phone that I am having PD phone with me and told her briefly about the incident and asked her to come immediately.

Penci and Annie reached to Hospital and met Sushil. He took them to ICU where PD was admitted and getting attended. They were crying, Sushil brought them to lounge and told them everything and assured them that the tough time is over as per his dialogue with doctor and own understanding. He helped them in making calm and took complete charge of the PD family needs in the new city. 

He also handed over PD phone and wallet and told them to take care of expenses as and when needed and rest he will see.

Next day, PD was out of danger and brought to ICU room where he can meet his family. He was feeling better and was conscious. He could see his family and Sushil. He asked Annie and Penci about Sushil, who is he and how he is here. 

They told him entire incident briefly and looked at Sushil and said, he saved you, he is your Vishwanath in this Varanasi. We are able to see you alive due to his timely action without getting into anything except taking you to hospital.

 Doctors told that a minute here and there could have taken situation out of hand and both took Sushil in their arms and started crying. Sushil with all humility told them, I just did what was instructed to me by God, I only became medium for this incident. I thank God that he gave me this holy duty to perform and give someone life. He came close to PD and took his palm in his palm and asked gently, how are you feeling now. PD eyes were full with tears with no words to utter, Sushil wiped his tears and asked him to take rest. PD did not leave his hand and told with his trembling lips, I am short of words, and if you are not having any serious job and responsibilities, you join me in my business. I want to do this much right now for you to atleast give us a feeling of expressing our gratitude to your gesture. PD told him, don't go anywhere and stay with us till I am alright.

PD recovered and spoke at length to Sushil. He told Sushil to shift to Mumbai and help him in his business and he will take care of his younger sister and mother who will stay at Varanasi. Sushil was very happy and expressed gratitude to PD for this support . PD told him that you don't think of any obligation, you are a qualified young man and I am just giving you a job to prove yourself and grow.

Sushil informed his family about his shifting to Mumbai and the new job. 

PD & F with Sushil reached Mumbai and PD started training Sushil about his business. He decided to take him on his next trip and give him feel of his role.

Sushil and PD are leaving for the foreign plants and he introduced him everywhere as his Special Assistant. Sushil was finding the job very interesting and he had got this job after a great pain so he was putting his best. He used to stay late and learn most of the activities. Soon he got the grip of his business and the key people, like Sewin, Derick, Oswal who are heads of the key operations of the business. He spent good time with all of them.

Sushil also impressed PD by his work and now PD is looking at him as a key resource person and started delegating some important activities. Few employees who were working since long were not happy with this decision of PD and they complained him too. But PD ignored their inputs, one day Sushil was attacked on the way to his home when he was coming from office late night but could escape. After this incident, he kept himself ready and alert for such incidents and also advised PD to look for substitute of these few people.   

Things were settling and Sushil is enjoying the work and taking charge of plenty of activities and became a key person. PD was very happy with Sushil from every angle and started thinking about marrying him with his daughter Penci. He spoke to Penci about this and she agreed. Both were married and started running the business jointly. Sushil sister was married to a good family and mother is staying in Varanasi in her home.

PD retired from job and relaxing in his house with wife Annie.



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