Sunday, January 17, 2021



Vishal is traveling in a Train and suddenly few people with arms entered in the coach and started hitting people and snatching their goods. Vishal tried to find a safe place but soon someone held him and pushed out of the exit gate of the coach. He was was surrounded by few people with mask, they took him into a van and disappeared.

Vishal was a young man working with a private company and was going to join his duties after visiting his family. This incident changed his life, he has no clue what is going to happen from here onwards.

Vishal was brought to a place where several people of his age were standing in small groups and many of them looked confused and feared. They also seem to be new for this group. 

Suddenly, 3-4 senior person with arms and backpack came and sat on the chair in a corner of the room. One of them asked everyone to stand facing them and they told everyone that now you all are part of one family and that is "Barrno". People only join Barrno, they never leave it alive. Barrno is a terrorist group and is not known to anyone. So, stay here like your life partner, we all will live and die together. We all work as per instruction and don't think about any outside source. We all are in close monitoring by our leaders, who are also working like us.

Our work involves robbery, killings etc. of wealthy, influential, police, politicians etc. and create a sense of terror and fear among people. We all get our earnings from these risk based work. 

Leaders of this group were not known to everyone, very few knew them through instructions. They immediately kill a person in case of slightest doubt. So, everyone was having fear. 

The leaders used to get their members like Vishal, and they were given some treatment which makes the person unconscious and during this time, a chip was inserted in their body and sealed. This process was known to only leaders. Everyone therefore was monitored through the mobile and leaders had every detail like location, discussion of the person. Whenever they are doubtful or see any risk, they kill the person through that chip using their gadget. 

Vishal with no other option left also completed the procedure and joined the terrorist activities with his group. He started using arms, killing people as per the plans.

Several years after joining this group, once he was coming back after completing his assignments, he thought to stop for a while with his friend at the temple which was situated near his home. The temple was well known to him. He went up to the temple and met the priest. He asked priest, if he remembers him. He told yes I very well remember you, and told him where you had gone with no news to us and your parents.

Vishal told he was busy with his job and asked about his family. 

The priest told that his mother, sister were killed in a robbery sometimes back but somehow father was out for some work so was saved but due to this loss, he lost his memory and if he wants to meet him, he is staying in this temple.

The priest took him to his father. Vishal looked at him, wrapped him in his arms and cried loudly. His father could sense the presence of Vishal and with very weak voice tried to say Vishal but voice was not very clear. This whole act of Vishal was captured by his leaders and they decided to kill him because of this development in Vishal's life. When Vishal was about to leave his father, there was a strong blast and both Vishal and his father were killed. 

Priest could not understand this incident and ran away from the spot to inform police.

The group members who had accompanied Vishal to this temple had already left.

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