Monday, January 25, 2021

पीछे की Bench Se

It was morning 8.45 and Vishal entered his classroom and occupied his usual last Bench middle seat. Vishal is studying in class 7th and a versatile student, doing well in studies, sports, art and theatre. He feels better to have a seat on the last bench because he gets more attention, and teachers often come to see them.

Vishal wants to help last bench colleagues and has taken special permission from the class teacher to sit in this row. He enjoys talking to his colleagues and knowing about their problems. Kareem finds it difficult to understand the classroom sessions like other students. He often gets help from Vishal who explains him till he understands. 

During the discussion, Vishal came to know that Kareem lost his elder sister whom he loved too much and she was helping her lot. She passed away last year and when Vishal checked his performance, he found his performance exceptional in class 5th and before. He could find the cause of his poor performance and started thinking to make him feel good so that he comes out of his sister's demise trauma.

He told Kareem, we have a group of friends from different class who go out on holidays to nearby places, this time you come with me. We will have fun. Kareem joined him for the outing and he participated in many events and won in several events. Vishal never knew that he is good at running. 

Vishal told Kareem that he is very good in running and he must participate in the school track events. Vishal was having several friends in the school and he knew very well that Kareem would be the best so he spoke to the Sports teacher, Srikant  and shared with him about the Kareem. Srikant asked him to send Kareem to him after classes to his room. Kareem met him and during discussion, Srikant took him to ground to see him running. He asked him to take and run. Srikant was stunned with the speed and body movements of Kareem. 

Srikant now took his clock and asked him to run again. This time Srikant was taking actual run time and when Kareem touched the finish line, Srikant shouted , Kareem you are the best , Wonderful! You have given me a gift today in your form. You join me for preparing for the upcoming inter school track events which are scheduled 3 months from today.

I will get you sports shoes, required training, diet etc for this event from the school. You need not pay anything for this, because we pay for what we want. School wants you so why will you pay ? Now you are an asset to the school and if you prove it in the coming inter school event, you will become a star and nothing can stop you to achieve glory in life. I am with you!

When Kareem met Vishal the next day, he took him in arms and started crying. Vishal, you are a genius, you could see sports in me like predators judge their prey and plants sense the Water. Vishal held his arms and looked into his eyes and told, Kareem , you have a wonderful quality of hiding things, we never knew you are a sprinter. I saw your running skills during our trip and felt your strength because I have many friends and I could compare. You have limited colleagues and also due to the recent demise of your sister you are showing no interest in life. Running is your natural strength, go ahead, we all are there with you. Remember,by performing good in running, you can relieve your family also from their trauma and everyone will become happy.

I took you for the trip after knowing your sister's demise which is affecting your studies and life as a whole. I also found that before, when your sister was alive, you were performing very well in studies and suddenly everything got scattered. I started finding a way and got the idea of connecting you with Srikant Sir.

I am always with you, and if you find an issue , you tell me, I can help you in resolving your problems. I am also financially sound since my family has a good business so relax...I am waiting for your interschool winning trophy. About with me ho...ho….ho…..he called few other colleagues also to shout for Kareem and the meeting ended with a high energy with loud ho….ho...ho…

The Inter School Track event started on a big ground which was about 2 km away from his school. Since Srikant was confident of Kareem's performance, he did huge publicity of this event and the Principal decided to remain present during the Kareem's events with all his school members and he declared that no studies will be there and everybody will join the Kareem's events at the main ground.

Whole school was charged and Srikant and Kareem were busy in preparation for the events. Kareem had to participate in 100, 200 and 400 meters race events. Both Srikant and Kareem were confident of the winning performance. They were working day and night, Vishal was also joining them with his colleagues for boosting and any help needed.

Today is Kareem's Track event and the whole school is at the main ground with posters having Kareem pictures and horns with various sounds to cheer up. Kareem was busy on ground, Srikant was also excited, Vishal with his group was making huge noise and performing dance etc. 

Principal and teachers were very excited to see their school students participate in this event which needed good practice to qualify.

The first event was a 200 meters race and 10 runners were on their track ready for the race. Kareem was in the 4th lane wearing the school T-Shirt. The race started and within 15 sec Kareem took the lead and was ahead of everyone. He maintained it till end and kept the runner up behind by 9 feets. Huge noise came from his school stands, Vishal and Srikant patted him and took him in their arms.

Principal Sir was standing and clapping with the whole school. Kareem became emotional and looked at the sky to say her sister that I could do it because of you! You are my energy!

School had invited Kareem's parents too and they were having tears in their eyes when Kareem touched the finish line and became the winners. 

This performance of Kareem assured his school Principal, Srikant, Vishal and all others that he is going to win his all remaining events.

By the end of the day, Kareem won all the events with gold medal and huge celebration followed by school. School provided all support to his further training to run for District, State and National events. Srikant was sanctioned the budget for it. Principal sir also announced that the school will bear the tuition fee and other expenses for Srikant. Srikant will not pay for anything.

After a long time, today Kareem has won a Gold medal for the State and now he is preparing for the National events. Srikant is still with him as one of the coaches and the school keeps celebrating his every win. Kareem is often coming on TV, Newspapers and other social media platforms.

One day, he got a message that Vishal is critically ill and he is undergoing treatment in a hospital. He immediately rushed to hospital and reached him. Doctors told him  not to speak too much with him. Kareem came to Vishal and patted his arm and said, You made me run and I have come today to tell you that I will not run till you get well. By listening this, suddenly Vishal opened his eyes, saw Kareem and spoke, remember Kareem, now you are not running for yourself, you represent a huge mass today, I am very happy & satisfied that my last bench sitting could identify you and more than you I celebrate your winning, I have saved your every news. I am fine , don't worry and your good performance will heal me fast, so keep running.and he closed his eyes…

Kareem left the hospital and started giving his best keeping two images in his mind, one of his elder sister and other of Vishal... 


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