Sunday, January 10, 2021

Broken Wheel ( टूटा पहिया)

       टूटा पहिया
( Broken Wheel)

Roma and Shreyas have arrived at Benares and they have plans today to go for boat riding, ghats darshan and sight seeing in this ancient vibrant city. They are leaving for boating at Ganga and have planned to take boat from Tulasi Ghat, bit away from crowded ghats and easy to get the boat here. 

They were waiting at the steps of Ghat and a Saint in his 50 's came to them. He had thick ashes  smeared on his whole body and colourful bead necklace around his neck.

He told them that if you are in Benares and have not visited " Kaali Pipal Shakti Peeth" before proceeding for Ganga ride, you will not be ever happy in your life and whatever you have achieved till date will start getting less. He saw into Roma's eyes and told,  Gauri... if you ignore my words, you will never be able to become a mother.

Both Roma & Shreyas thought, that if Saint is asking us to visit this Sakti Peeth which otherwise may put us in a troubled life, why not do this visit first and then take the boat ride.

They both asked Saint to take them to the Shakti Peeth and they left with him.
They entered into almost a dark narrow lane, where even it was bright sunlight and clear sky, there were streets lights on and people were having their breakfast, shopping etc.

The Saint stopped in front of a very old home having a small wooden gate. He opened it and asked them to follow...
It was completely dark and nothing was visible, they were only able to hear Saint sleepers sound. 

Suddenly, someone poured water over them and they sat on the floor. Now, they were not even hearing any sound of Saint sleepers. They heard sound of opening a door and then someone took them inside and closed the door.

A small candle was there but faces were not clear. There were two men and one women sitting around them. They told, not to worry Saint has asked us to take you here.

After sometime, Candle light became red like blood, and room light became very dim, the Saint came inside and sat near the candle.

Suddenly, one person in the group got cuts on his body and he was shaking due to fear, bleeding wounds were having live worms and he was quickly throwing them on the ground, endless long worms were continuously coming out from his wounds and he fell on the ground crying in pain.

After sometime, Saint told them that his place has a Pipal tree which was planted by a yogi but one day he heard in a women voice saying - You offer me whole blood of a person every day to get rid of a curse on me for one year, and if you are able to do it , I will fulfill all your dreams & will get you moksha.

The Yogi was my guru who couldn't get person on a day and what you all are seeing today, I saw it happening with my Guru. So, I get people everyday to fulfill the desire of the Pipal tree. 

No one  can go out of this place alive, there are several spirits staying here, if you want to feel them I can show you...
Saint clapped and a person laughter was heard and then he told everyone, I can enter in your body anytime and make it bleed. And he told them, you see that sitting woman Roma, she will vomit blood and torn her clothes now, and Shreyas and Roma both cried loudly but no sound was heard, as if they didn't make any sound...

Roma fell on ground and blood was coming out of her mouth, with worms crawling in to the blood. Shreya was there but got paralyzed, he had no strength and was almost sitting like a dead body. Roma after sometime recovered and Shreyas also coming back to normal, they heard the spirit voice, don't try to initiate anything from your end, now you are under this Pipal tree control...

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