Sunday, January 3, 2021

Gravity Bubble

Hones (H) and Srenf (S) were heading to the Star Oneu (O) in Srewq Galaxy. They were cruising at a moderate speed of about 0.7 of the Light speed. The ship was having a smooth ride and plenty of  astroobjects were visible outside. It was a great feeling. They were having numerous delicious vapours as their eatable stocks. The food was enough for another 500 years. 

H and S are from the stars Weinr (W) where the average life span is about 3000 years. They are about 130 yrs old.

They can now see the O and it would take next 2 years to land their. They have plenty of things to plan for the O landing and exploration. The arrangements for the same is going to take time because of little knowledge about O and kind of life exists there.

H & S are about to land the O, the gravity module is taking care of safe landing. The atmosphere of O is not in question due to their universal envelope that maintains constant environment. O is looking awesome, but no life is visible till now. They started their sound and vibrations module and it informed them about a kind of vibrations exist but it may take some time to decipher it. 

Both H&S were trying to know about existence of life at O but they are having any clue till now. They are worried of some harmful life existence for which they don't have any remedy.

They were about 15 days away from the O and they felt some uncomfortable feeling and symptoms like dizziness, short breath etc , they had no signals in their control panel. Things were not in control and they decided to go away at higher speed of about 0.85 light speed and soon they found improvements in their health.

They reached to their station and discussed about the matter. Their entire clothing, ship was tested for various things and they came to know about a new organism which has totally new life system and nature.

The Lab experts prepared a detailed plan to study it.

The report of this study opened a new subject in Lifesciences and life structure. The harmful matter was not clear due to limited knowledge and nothing is able to affect its propagation.

Everyone was happy with H & S decision else their life was threatened.

Scientists are working on the nature of this life and also trying to know how many pockets in universe is there with such life to work out a safe expedition route and further exploration.

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