Friday, January 22, 2021

Holy Dive


Holy Dive

It was a cool, vibrant morning at Benares ghats and a businessman from Kolkata, Vipin had come to take a view of ghats by boat . He took a boat and came in the middle of Ganges. He was enjoying the sight of wonderful ghats with people worshiping at the banks.

Suddenly, Sailor was not feeling well and his paddles slipped from his hands and within no time Vipin and Sailor both fell into Ganges. 

At some distance, in another boat, a young man, Arjun saw this incident and immediately jumped into Ganges. Arjun was a trained swimmer. He took hold of both Vipin and Sailor and took charge of the boat. Vipin who was in 50's was not feeling well and told Arjun to take him back to ghats. Arjun did so and came back to ghat.

He made both of them sit and relax. He asked Vipin, if he needs any medical assistance. Vipin told, No I am better but you stay with me for sometime. Arjun stayed and after sometime, sailor went to his boat and Vipin asked Arjun, how you did all this. Arjun told him entire story. Vipin took him in his arms and started crying. Arjun, you have me second Life, I was almost dead. I found Lord Shiva in Benares in your form. You are my Lord Shiva.

Arjun calmed him and asked him to relax, now everything is fine. Vipin asked Arjun, What you do? Arjun told , I am a graduate and looking for a job, we are poor and I am only son so parents keep asking me everyday, did you get job today? I am trying my best..

Vipin told, your hunt for job is over, come with me to Kolkata, and work in my company. You inform your parents and come to my Hotel tomorrow morning. We will leave for Kolkata tomorrow.

Arjun put his head on Vipin's feet  and started crying very loudly. He told, you are my Lord Shiva, you gave me job and it's like giving eyes to a blind, what I need for my life except a job and that you offered him. 

Arjun and Vipin left for Kolkata, Arjun stayed with Vipin at his house on the request of Vipin. He joined his company and started growing in his life.

After few years, Arjun was married to a wealthy girl and both were happy.

Arjun always used to carry Vipin's photo in his pocket and used to treat him as a Lord Shiva.

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