Friday, January 29, 2021

सिमटती Leharein ( सिमटती लहरें )


Vipul has completed his engineering studies and is now applying for a job. He was good in studies and he is hopeful of getting a good job soon. He is busy in applying for different vacancies in various organizations.

One day, he was called for an interview and he was getting ready. He got a phone call from his brother that his father is admitted in hospital and he has suffered a heart attack. He was very disturbed with this news and changed his plan. He got another call from his friend asking him to join for the interview. He told him that due to his father's bad health, he can't attend the interview. He will try after sometime when things settle. 

Vipul left for his home and straight went to hospital where his brothers and mother were present. Everyone was very happy to see Vipul. They all felt more strength. He met his father, who was critical and could not speak to him. He was feeling sad to see his father in this condition. 

His father has to undergo a surgery and after going through all the reports, doctors asked them to take him to some other good hospital and if possible, US. The surgery needed some advanced instrument and expertise and doctors found a risk to perform it here. Doctors told Vipul's family that they have to finalize a hospital in 2 week time and then they will submit all the reports. Doctors also agreed to offer all support.

Vipul's family was a middle class family and hence money was coming as a constraint. Everyone was very disturbed and feeling bad about this development. There was no question of thinking for US hospital and the facility doctors recommended was very expensive which they can't afford at present. They were trying to contact their relatives and friends for help but time was limited and nothing positive came out even in a week time. Stress levels were going up, Vipul's mother many times fainted due to severe stress.

One day, Vipul was going to meet his friend and stopped for tea at a place, he saw one gentleman in 70's coming out of a car and the moment he came out of the car, one bike hit him in speed, he flew in the air and collided with a shop wall. He fainted and was bleeding. Vipul immediately took him on his bike with help of a person and rushed to hospital. The other person left and Vipul admitted him in emergency and wanted to know about his condition from the doctors. 

Soon doctors examined and told that he needs blood and has to undergo an operation. Vipul had the blood and asked doctors about the surgery charges. He also told them about the whole incident, so he doesn't know this gentleman and has no money. 

Doctors checked his clothes and found a card with a pin number. They gave it to Vipul and immediately asked him to contact the bank and get this person's details. Till that time they will take care his emergency needs.

Vipul contacted the bank and found that this gentleman is owner of several companies and stays within 10 Kms of the hospital. Vipul informed doctors and rushed to his residence. He met his family and told everything. His wife and Son ( Roopesh)  immediately took the car and asked Vipul to leave his bike at their residence and join them in the car. They reached the hospital and saw the gentleman. His son and wife started crying and asked doctors to start the procedures without any further delay. Gentleman was unconscious. Vipul stayed with them and helped them in arranging things.

When the gentleman went for surgery, his son and wife asked Vipul to tell the whole story, Vipul told them the details including why he was present there at that time. Roopesh took Vipul in his arms and told, you have saved my father today who takes care of hundreds of families. You deserve everything from us for this help. Tell me, what I need to do for you. 

Vipul told him about his father's condition and his family financial limitations.

Roopesh told him, now it's my responsibility to take care of your family and father, God has given us money but what you have done today, my money can't do. If you were not active and taken decision to take to hospital,I would have lost my father, despite all this wealth. So, it's all yours now.

He told Vipul, you don't worry about my father and your job, I can manage immediately join your family and be in touch with me for money and any other help. Roopesh have him his contact number.

Vipul came back to his home and told about the incident. Everyone was happy and took it as a God's blessing.

Soon, Vipul's father got operated on and with time recovered. Vipul got a call from Roopesh and asked him to meet at his residence. Vipul met Roopesh and Roopesh offered him a good job and assured him of any other help. 

Roopesh took Vipul to his father who was reading a book in his room. Vipul touched his feet and his father took him in his arms and cried. He told Vipul, you are like my son. God had sent you there on that day to save my life, get your father's treatment money and your job. We are too small to understand such events. God bless you !

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