Sunday, January 31, 2021

Roti se बातचीत


Today , I am with "Roti ji" who needs no introduction

She is there on my plate and I am honoured to talk to her

I asked her , Can you tell something about your origin 

Roti - Sure, I don't know exactly since when I am into "being" but I am too old and with you since generations

Me - How you feel about yourself

Roti - Very honoured to feed you and carry calories for You

Me - How you feel to get this form from Wheat, tell me your journey in short

Roti - Sure, when I am in wheat, I feel protected & secured and you don't even see me. In fact, it took centuries to know that I am there in the Wheat and people were consuming wheat itself.

Taking this "White Flour Form" is really very painful and once wheat is detached from the plant, it's like I am being taken to the operation theatre for a painful Surgery.

But my crying doesn't reach your ears, though my other grain colleagues feel it. Since, I have to feed you, this pain I bear as any mother bears the pains of having and bringing up a child.

I am tortured physically, chemically and deep to the soul from Wheat separation to grinding in mills, forced sifting etc. 

I am then packed in bags and feel very suffocated like a man will feel if he is put in a small airtight cubicle. But all this pain I am able to overcome just because I am going to feed a life that will make this world worth living and much better in time to come.

When I reach the kitchen,I am again mixed with water and then my thin rolled sheet is put on 🔥, I bear the fire and take this 🔥 in me till I calm your belly 🔥. When you feel good after I serve your belly 🔥, it's my happy moment . I also carry heat in the form of calories which keeps you strong.

Me - You made me cry today! you take so much pain for me and we don't even realize it. But, I always worship you and offer to gods. Please tell me about your different forms.

Roti - Ok, to be honest with you, the difference in forms is only for you to bring a change otherwise for me it's the same. I only see your  good feelings which you express while consuming me. I feel extremely satisfied and happy to see a smile on your face. 

Me - Thank you so much for taking so much pain for serving me and sharing your soulful feelings.

Roti - I too get a sense of worthiness, and thank God for creating me.

After this talk, I took a small piece of Roti, folded it with fingers, touched my forehead and then put it into my mouth. I was chewing very gently and swallowing it down with huge respect.

While swallowing, I was thinking about the wonderful creation of Nature which keeps every creation closely connected and still none of them realize that "sameness" ( reality)is the mantra of Nature and not the diversity ( gross view). This is Illusion. 

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