Saturday, January 23, 2021

Teen Ka Khel

Pawan is about 65 years old and was staying with his daughter Shumar. Shumar works in an office and she lost her husband 3 years back and she has no kids. 

Pawan was taking care of all home related work and used to watch TV in free time. Once, he was watching a show on TV where poor performing kids & their parents were sharing that in school, classroom sessions flow with a certain pace and the teacher has no time to interact with everyone to know their difficulties and hence they are not able to perform well. If they are given time, they can also do good. Due to this, many students were losing interest in classroom sessions and their performance was going down. This was disturbing their parents too.

Pawan was an accountant and this situation compelled him to do something for these students. Pawan thought that teachers have their own limitations and hence it's nobody's fault but this needs correction and desired attention.

Pawan thought about placing a cart near a school which was about 3 km from his place and hence his friends & neighbours also will not be aware of his work and he can concentrate on his job.

On the Cart, he thought of keeping some simple games where the winner will get some rewards. He put Alphabets, 3 different sizes of plastic sticks, 3 different kinds of Grains, 03 different kinds of colours and 3 different Instruments. He decided to ask students to make words using 03 alphabets, making shapes using 03 sticks, making recipes using 03 Grains, name 03 things having each colour and telling 03 usage of each instrument. 

Whoever will get more numbers of applications he will get reward, like Candy, Toy, Pencil etc. He shared it with Shumar. She was very happy and told that I will arrange your fancy, colourful Cart which will attract students and look good too. Let's start this Baba.

Pawan put his colorful eye-catching cart about 20 meters from the school. He found students excited, they played the game with a competitive spirit and played to win prizes. Whatever they were making, Pawan asked them to explain also to get the prize. Pawan was also pointing out their mistakes and explaining them.

Soon, children started coming to his cart in large numbers, and they learnt common things like making words, recipes etc with sound logic. So, Pawan became their good friend because he was guiding them in the correct way and encouraging them to do better.

This cart made one major change in the approach of students, " They Learned how to think correctly and in a Logical manner" to find solutions. 

Soon, students started asking Pawan about their classroom problems, which Pawan used to explain them. Pawan was now very popular. Students asked him if he can attend their all study related issues and offer them guidance. Parents started approaching Pawan for such guidance.

Now Pawan has lots of occupancy and he has to decide what to do. He discussed it with Shumar. She said, Since parents are ready to pay you for your services, you tell them that 03 days he can take guidance classes and 03 days he will be at the Cart.

Next day he shared his decision with parents and students. They all were happy with the decision and ready to pay a handsome amount for Pawan services. So, now 03 days Pawan was helping students at home and 03 days he was available at the Cart.

One day, a rich parent came to his Cart when he was free and told him that he would give him a shop with a good chair,  fan etc and other facilities. This will help Pawan offer better services. Pawan agreed to it and soon, he got a good shop near the school and many times, his friends, Shumar, were also attending the shop.

Pawan was feeling very satisfied and happy with his work.

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