Saturday, February 6, 2021

आज इंटरव्यू है ( Aaj Interview Hai)


Vishesh has received an interview letter from a company and he is very excited to appear for the same. He has prepared his subjects and is feeling good to face the interview. After a long wait, he has got this interview call and hence he wants to clear it. He is passing through a difficult time.

He took all required documents and checked them carefully. He reached the company office. Security personnel asked to show his interview letter and wait in the cabin near security. The security personnel showed the letter to Harish and asked his approval for the candidate entry, Harish told him to leave the letter and he will respond in about 10 min. The candidate was waiting for the next action. Security personnel came after sometime and told him to wait in a meeting room.

Vishesh took his chair and soon a person came and gave him a form to fill and told him to complete it in  one hour time. He completed the form but no one turned up even after two hours. He had to travel back and he had informed the concerned person about this. He called the person and informed that he is waiting for someone to take the process further. A person came and collected his form and asked him to wait, the experts will come here to meet you. 

After some time, two gentlemen entered the room and took their seats. Vishesh was shocked to see Mr Shailesh who also was in the interview panel. Mr Shailesh had divorced her sister about 5 years back and the Vishesh family was very disturbed with that event. Her sister with one son was staying alone. He had almost lost the hope of getting selected here. He however got selected and joined the office.

His posting was at other location near the city and he joined the job and with time got well settled. He had a very good relation with many people and soon he found that Mr Amaresh who is a very nice person and close to his boss. He spoke to him about her sister and Amaresh immediately accepted the offer and wanted to meet his father and her. 

Vishesh spoke to family members and her sister about Amaresh, they all were very happy. They invited Amaresh one day and met him. Everything was fine and Amaresh confirmed the marriage. Soon Vishesh's family was again happy with her sister's marriage and settled life. 

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