Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ऑफिस Butter मसाला


Mahendra is getting ready for his office. He works in a financial services company. He has been working here for about three years.

He is single and thinking for his marriage if he gets a good match. He just finished a call from his mom, who was asking her about the leave which he has to take for attending his father's surgery. He is on the way to office and is sweeping through the traffic using his driving skills.

He reached his work place and settled after seeing some motivational stickers which he has put on his board facing him. These quotes also keep rotating as we keep changing our breakfast menu. Same thing doesn't work all the time. Mahendra used to keep a collection of some quotes and book titles. Anything which doesn't speak to you and it's in your control like your phone, books, stickers etc gives you a good feeling. It's because we want something which listens to us 100% without their input.

His senior colleague Seema is with Rao in his cabin. After he finished his few calls, he went to Seema place and found Seema very disturbed. He felt bad and asked the reason. She told, due to some guests at home, I couldn't see the mail you sent me yesterday and Rao asked my inputs on that mail and when I told him that I couldn't go through it and would update in the next half an hour's time, he got upset. Mahendra told her that he would do it for her now and nothing to worry. Maybe it was urgent. Seema was relieved with the calm and composed approach of Mahendra.

Later, Seema told Mahendra that this is not a one day task now and my family is too much disturbed due to some village property dispute. I am thinking how to continue if Rao will monitor my assignments so closely. She looked stressed. This work pressure was increasing day by day and her discussion with Rao was getting more painful. Seema was not getting any solution and conditions at home was also worsening with time.

One day, Mahendra was at home after his office and was about to start his dinner, someone knocked on the door. He opened the door a saw Seema. He was shocked and asked her to come in and tell what happened and how she is here at this time. Seema told him to finish his food but Mahendra told , we both will have food, I have enough quantity. He served food to Seema and asked her to tell the complete details of her arrival.

Seema told him that I am finding it difficult to manage the office work with current atmosphere at home and hence thought to meet you and discuss. They discussed for some time and then Seema left. Now, Seema started visiting quite often and one day she told Mahendra that she is going to tell Rao that she is having engagement very soon and would be busy and under this plan she will easily get a break from the office pressure. Mahendra felt good with the plan.

Seema shared this with Rao the next day and started taking frequent breaks from office. After about 3 months, Rao told her that she is transferred to another project which is not very priority. This change relieved Seema and she was now able to handle the work. She was feeling good with this transfer.

Few days later, she again came to Mahendra's house and proposed for engagement. Mahendra was expecting this because of their frequent and comfortable meetings and discussions.

Mahendra agreed and soon they they got engaged. 

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