Friday, February 5, 2021

( यह कैसी शाम ) kaisi shaam


Hemant is a young man who works in a car garage. He is a very hardworking and honest man. His father passed away one year back and after this incident, his responsibility has gone up. He is looking for a better job to take care of his mother. His mother also works as a cook in a few families and keeps herself busy.

Somehow Hemant and his mother are able to live a peaceful life. Her mother wanted to marry Hemant and she is waiting for his good earnings. She has a girl in mind who works in a govt office as a canteen staff. Her name is Souma.Souma has come to Hemant's house once when he was in the garage and her mother was not well and she helped her clients to prepare their foods.  Souma liked the company of Hemant's mother. Due to this friendship, Hemant's mother was close to her.

One day, Souma got an accident when she was coming from work, her mother  informed Hemant's mother about this and told that she is admitted in hospital and has severe injuries. Hemant's mother informed Hemant and her clients and left for the hospital to see Souma. She also asked Hemant to join her after his work is over to help Souma and family.

Hemant also reached the Hospital, Souma had serious injuries and doctors told that she has to stay atleast for a week and may need blood also. Hemant enquired about total expenses for her treatment, doctors told that it would be about rs 30,000. Hemant was shocked to hear this amount, from where they can manage it, he didn't share this with anyone thinking that her mother will feel bad and get depressed. 

All of them were taking care of the treatment requirements and Hemant was thinking about managing the amount after 2 days. All his money will be over and he will have to borrow from someone. He didn't want his mother to know this situation and trying to find a way out.

It was night time, and he was sitting near the hospital on a tea shop. A gentleman of about 75 yrs of age came out from a car and after paying the driver, was walking towards the hospital. Suddenly he fell down and his face got injured and bleeding. Hemant immediately took him to emergency and informed doctors. Doctors told him that he got a heart attack and nothing to worry we will admit him. Hemant told doctors that he just saw him falling and bleeding so he took him to emergency, but who will make payment etc. Doctors checked his pockets and got a card in his Wallet. They called at that number which his son lifted. They told him everything. His son Risab reached hospital and met Hemant. He was very happy with the service of Hemant which probably saved his father's life. He asked Hemant, how you were near the hospital and Hemant told him everything. 

Risab assured him of all support including Bill and came to see Souma. She was recovering. Risab gave his contact details to Hemant and asked him to be in touch. Risab was a Chartered accountant and has a big office and staff.

Hemant thanked Risab for his support and soon Souma was discharged and feeling good. When she came to know about the services of Hemant and his mother, she decided to marry Hemant and told her mother about this. 

One day, Hemant received a call from Risab and asked him about Souma and his current job. After knowing the details, Risab wanted to help Hemant for his help in admitting his father on that day. He offered work to Hemant and Souma both in his office.

Souma was very happy with Hemant's support and both got married soon and started living a happy life.

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