Monday, February 1, 2021

Kitab Ka Dard (किताब का दर्द )


Everyone take out the book and look at page number thirty. Maths teacher asked the class 7th students. Students  took out the book and waited for the next instructions. Teacher was looking at everyone and found that Rahul is not having the book. He called him at his place in front of the class and shouted, if you are not interested in maths, ask your parents to meet me and get your school changed. Today is the third time that you didn't bring the book and he slapped him and asked to stand behind the class.

Rahul was a good student and comes from a family who had a financial crisis and a few weeks back, when he was playing, someone took his book. He told his father about this and who assured him of getting it once he gets money. He stood behind and attended the class.

Shahid was a good friend of Rahul and spoke to him during the break. Rahul told him everything. Shahid started thinking to find a solution for Rahul. Shahid spoke to Vipul, another classmate who is close to him. Shahid told him about Rahul and his problem of buying the book. They both discussed and Vipul told that tomorrow is my birthday and I will get some gift for everyone and I will give math books as a gift to Rahul. How is the idea? Shahid told, this is very good. You have money and kindness both, I love you.

Vipul, whose father is a businessman, announced in the class that tomorrow he is celebrating his birthday and he will get some gift for everyone. All the students made a big noise and started dancing.

Today, Vipul brought a gift for everyone and he did a trick to make everyone feel the same by wrapping the gift in the same size. During lunch time, he distributed the gift to everyone and asked them not to open in school and disturb the class. You all open it at home.

Rahul also got the gift and took it home. He opened the gift and found the math book with a slip - You are my beloved brother, how can I use a book which you don't have, enjoy! Tomorrow I will share your lunch box because my mother is ill.

Next day, Rahul met Shahid and Vipul and thanked them for their support. They all were happy to see the smile and sign of relief on Rahul's face.

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