Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Office से Crime तक

Shreyas is Postgraduate in Engineering & an MBA from a reputed institution and is working for last three years with a well known company with more than five billions turnover. He is very happy with his job. He has a good number of friends in the company. His job also involves travels which he is enjoying.

About six months back, his boss resigned and he got a new boss, Abraham. This change brought a big change in his job. Abraham is different from the previous boss and he is somehow not comfortable with the behaviour of hiShreyas. He is not even trying to understand and share his misunderstandings with Shreyas. He doesn't call him in many meetings and asks someone to convey him the points discussed in the meeting. He also ignores his inputs in the presence of his colleagues.

The situation was becoming worse with time and Shreya was under tremendous stress. 

One day, his colleague Sukanta told him in the canteen that he can help him out from the current situation with the boss, though it may involve some risk of legal actions. Shreyas was only looking for an immediate solution so he asked Sukanta about the plan. Sukanta told him about his friend Ambuj, who can get him out of this problem and took him to his home.

 Both Ambuj and Shreyas spoke about the matter and Ambuj told him don't worry, we will take his son in our possession, who works in another office and keep him at some unknown location and my people will call him and tell we have your son here and don't try to involve the police.

He will certainly be in trouble and would be visible to you in his behaviour. You convey to him through a colleague that you can help him provided he improves his behaviour with you. He would certainly agree to it and then we will release his son. But, if required you have to help me also in future. Shreya agreed, and things happened as planned and he helped Abraham to get his son back. 

Everything became normal and one day, Abraham's Son got an accident and he called Shreyas and told him about the accident, I am sure Ambuj is involved in this accident and he is now behind me and wants me to change this place. Shreyas told him that it's not true but Abraham was not convinced.

After about a few months, Shreyas came to know that Abraham resigned and a new person was joining in a week's time. He was very happy with the news.

Never allow our mind to enter into such wrong actions & thoughts and always involve family and good friends who guide us towards correct actions for handling our problems. 


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