Monday, February 8, 2021

Office ki Gravy ( ऑफिस की ग्रेवी )


Shankar reached to his office ,just settled and got a call from his friend Suresh that he is not coming today and if Sir ( Ravi) asked about him, please update him and kept the phone before Shankar could ask anything.

Suresh had a meeting with a vendor today and based on this meeting, a presentation was to be prepared for management.

Shankar was planning for the Vendor meeting which is scheduled in the afternoon. He called up Suresh and asked about the agenda of the meeting, Suresh told that Ravi Sir is also in the meeting and he just asked me to be present and prepare MoM. I am not knowing too much about the agenda, said Suresh.

Shankar got busy in his scheduled tasks and was also waiting for Ravi sir. Ravi sir came to the office and asked for Suresh. Shankar informed him that he is on leave today and a meeting with the vendor is scheduled in the afternoon. Ravi sir immediately called Suresh and asked about his leave and told why he didn't inform him. Suresh told him that he sent mail for the leave, but Ravi sir shouted on him and said, for such an important meeting you are sending mail for the leave, you should have called me, you know how important this meeting is Shankar about the meeting agenda and asked him to inform when the vendor comes.

Shankar got the call from the office receptionist that Mr Soma had come for the meeting and he was waiting. Shankar met Soma and took him to the meeting room. Shankar called Ravi Sir to inform about Soma's arrival. Ravi sir didn't take the call and immediately sent a message - you continue, I am in some important meeting. 

Shankar told Soma to share the required details and sign the agreement. Soma told, he had to discuss something with Ravi as per their telephonic conversation last evening. Shankar informed him that Ravi sir is not available and he can talk to him later. Meeting got over.

Ravi Sir after the meeting called Shankar and asked him to brief everything, after Shankar shared the details, Ravi Sir asked for costing and supply details. Shankar told him that Soma wanted to speak to you before sharing these details and will send you separately.

Ravi tried to connect Soma but his number was busy. He sent him a message to share these details.  

Ravi sir got a message from his boss to come for a presentation on vendors today at 7 pm. Ravi sir got upset and called Shankar and asked him to arrange all details for this meeting. Shankar got the file ready and Ravi Sir went for the meeting.

Post meeting, Ravi sir told Shankar, it was a bad meeting today. May be due to the leave of Suresh and my absence during the vendor meeting today. Shankar told, yes sir nothing went good about today's meeting. 

Ravi sir told Shankar, it's very important to understand our responsibility, people depend on us for our tasks. Any failure in delivering our duties sends a wrong message to superior and it affects our growth. Now we need to schedule things in advance and keep details ready. We need to learn from today's experience and not repeat.

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