Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Shubh Pravesh ( शुभ प्रवेश)

 Raman is a business man and he has recently took a readymade garment shop in Mayur Mall. Mayur is located in the heart of the city and hence used to get a good number of visitors. Raman shop is located on the first floor and he has a good collection of Saree, Dress Material, Shirts, Trousers, Woollen clothes, etc. The shop is now almost 6 months old but Raman is struggling to get the business. 

Similar garment stores in the mall are having good sales and his floor shops are also doing good. As time elapsed, Raman was thinking about his shop and not getting any clear answer for poor sales. He was in discussion with his colleagues and trying to get some useful tips. He tried them but they didn't work. He started feeling bad about the money he had put for this shop and also the decision he took.

One day, he was in the shop and his assistants were arranging the clothes, a gentleman named Satya, who was in 50's entered his shop and came to him. Raman offered him a seat and asked about the purpose of his visit. He told him to show some clothes and asked for a genuine price, Raman offered a price which Satya found reasonable.

Satya told Raman that he is happy with the deal and he took out a big list and told him to pack these items. It was an order for about 75 people for a big event. All needed good clothes. Raman called his people and told them to keep these items ready and took Satya in a small cabin for some snacks, tea etc. 

When Satya took his seat and Raman ordered the snacks, Raman told his story to Satya and bent on his feet saying that you have come today like a saviour for me. You made me believe in patience and sincere work. He had tears in his eyes. 

Satya told him, you are a young, hard working man and still trying to understand the nature of life, so I want to tell you that - You felt that the shop earns because you have put your money into it. You just do your job through things like shops. Customer is sent by your destiny. If business is not happening then, like Trees you have to stand and display trust in Life.

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