Tuesday, February 9, 2021

उगती शाम ( Ugati Shaam)

Kani and her husband Rupak were a working couple in their 40's and both were havya good job. They had their own house and they had no children. Rupak's job involves traveling and he used to be away from home for about 15 days a month. 

One day Kani was driving to a mall for routine shopping and her car got some problems and stopped. She tried whatever she knew but things didn't work. He put a help board and stood near the car. Since it was not a main road, traffic was less and very few vehicles were on the road. After about 15 min of waiting she saw a bike which got slowed down and stopped near her vehicle. A man in office formals, took out his helmet and came near Kani and greeted her with respect and asked gently, what the problem ma'am, is your vehicle not starting? Kani feel relaxed with the behaviour of this man and said -yeah, I don't know what's the problem and whatever I knew didn't work. The man told, relax ma'am, let me see and checked the car and tried something and then started the vehicle, it started and he told ma'am I feel it fine now and you can use, however if you get sometime, it's better to show it to some mechanic.

Kani was feeling too good and she told the man, thank you so much for the help and I think you are working in some good company. The man told, ma'am, don't see my attire, these attires are powerful things and can do wonders in covering up the facts in our lives. In fact, I am a postgraduate in literature and have been hunting for a job for the last six months. I stay with my mother and since she would get pain if I say I don't work, so everyday I leave home in these cloths, work in some part-time assignments like, hotels, courier, travel guide etc and reach home by late evening. When I see my mother receiving me with great joy and asking me to take some rest, prepare tea and food for me & eat after I eat my food, I get tears in my eyes and thank God for helping me these days. I don't know how long these will continue. He wiped his tears and said, sorry ma'am for sharing all this with you. But sometimes, emotions cheat you and burst out like fragrant smells from flowers which flowers could not control. 

Kani looked at the young man and said, relax ! What's your name and where do you stay? The young man told me, I am Parth and gave her the address. Kani told him, you take my details and meet me tomorrow. Kani took her purse and offered him rs 500. Parth didn't take the money and told her, ma'am i would not take any money for this work. It's a help which anyone is expected to extend to a stranger and told her that he would meet her tomorrow. Parth waited till Kani left the place.

Next day, Parth met Kani. Kani told her that in my office you join as a content writer and start working from today. She gave the details of the office and asked him to report. He thanked her and left the place. Parth joined the new work and very soon became popular among colleagues for excellent writing skills. 

One day, he came to know that Kani is in hospital due to an accident at home. She got a fracture. He immediately took his mother and left for the hospital. His mother took care of Kani at hospital and a few days at home till she became normal.

Kani thanked Parth for this support. Parth smiled and told ma'am it's nothing against what you did for me. I am always there for you.

After sometime, Kani had lost her husband a few years back and was staying alone at home, she thought of meeting Parth. She called Parth and asked him to meet. Parth was extremely happy to get a call from her after a very long time. Parth was a senior editor in a media company and had lost his mother a year back and was alone. 

Parth came to meet Kani and was shocked to see her condition. She was looking sad, weak and like a patient. He felt very bad and asked her about this condition. Kani told him everything and also put a marriage proposal to him. It was a great moment, Parth saw up towards the sky, and thought about the perplexed nature of life. How things change and show you different faces of the World.

He couldn't say anything but looked in Kani's eyes saying a big thank for this thought and accepted the proposal. Parth told her, ma'am you know my life journey, what is there to hide. I am grateful to you again for this wonderful gift.

Kani smiled and looked at his face and told, don't call me ma'am, I am your Kani and  hugged Parth. 


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