Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Zindagi Chahiye Paisa Nahi ( ज़िंदगी चाहिए पैसे नहीं)


Raghu is a poor person and stays near a city. He tried many things to start his good earnings but failed. Now, he is sitting near the bus stop and doing shoe repairs and polish. He is finding this work not only entertaining but also able to earn. He thanked offices, schools and young people who like to wear shoes and they feel that their grooming is complete only after a perfect shoe.

His customers were giving him shoes and spending some time near his place or having some tea, coffee or smoking. Sometimes he used to feel after listening to the discussions of his customers that his life is much better and peaceful too.

Most of the time, his customers were angry on their phones and trying to convince the other person and they do not even realise that people are around them. The matter of discussion takes them completely away from the world around them. 

Sometimes, the person was angry at his wife , who left too early for some work and couldn't prepare breakfast and he had to take it outside. Someone is shouting on his kid who took his mobile charger and he wasted lots of time in search of that which disturbed him. Someone was upset with his office colleague who sent him a message that due to some urgent work he will be on leave for two days and now he has to complete several assignments to attend tomorrow's meeting.

Raghu was thinking to get a mobile but such calls which he was experiencing from his customers was again making him think whether to go for it now or never. 

Though he never needed a phone but a phone is not only to make calls, it gives life through entertainment in form of camera, music, videos etc etc. He again changed his thought of getting his mobile now and found his present situation much better without a phone.

One day, a person gave him a slip and told him to give it to his colleague who will come here after sometime. He told him not to worry, he will do the favour. Today, he was thanking himself for the little English which he knows and was seeing a bigger business in connecting people. He was sometimes wondering why a person gives him slip when he can communicate over phone and thought how difficult it is to even communicate when another person can contact you immediately. People wanted to hide and communicate and look for a single way of communication.

Today was really a special moment for him when a young girl came to her and gave shoes for polishing and asked him about the slip of her name. He took out a bunch of slips and gave her slip of Mr Mukul. Since he wanted to work for this role, he also told her that he doesn't not read the contents or show it to anyone and it's kept very confidential. He is a poor person and deals with very powerful people, so if he is not honest, he can't survive. She was very happy and gave him some money and a slip for Mukul.

This slip business soon became too big because of the nature of people who wanted to hide their identity with the work they were doing through slips. He couldn't handle slips with him and one day asked one of his customers to donate him a bag to keep the slips. He generously gave him money to get a bag. He is now keeping slips in a bag that is kept with a lock.

He started giving people a time for handing over the slips to get anyone in doubt. People around may be curious to know when they find a group always standing around him though he is not that much busy with shoes.

Now, shoe polish & repairing became his part time job and the slip management became the main job. It was his neutral, honest approach, and poor looking body language that made him popular. He even got an offer from his customer to start a Tea shop which he will finance but he refused. 

He thanked God for giving him a good nature and had no complaints for being poor. He is becoming part of numerous people's lives and seeing smiles on their faces. He has become the connecting thread for several people. This makes him feel good and takes away the pain of poverty.

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