Tuesday, March 9, 2021

दयाल सर की दस्तक ( Dayal Ji)


Dayal Ji is a retired teacher from a reputed college. He stays in a gated society which has numerous houses. He stays alone with one assistant who comes in the morning and stays for the whole day. He takes care of all his needs like cooking, cloth cleaning, etc. Dayal is still active but avoids going out for any work due to traffic and rush.

Today Dayal Ji is going for some pension work and waiting for some vehicle. He got one auto-rickshaw soon and two more people joined him. After some distance, there was some vehicle which suddenly slowed down and the auto rickshaw driver also put the brake. Dayal Ji fell on the road due to the sudden brake and got injured too. Auto rickshaw driver asked him to take a rest and helped him to sit on a roadside bench.

Dayal Ji started waiting for someone who can take him to hospital but he couldn't get anyone for a few hours. He slept at the bench due to weakness. After several hours, one person from his society saw him and recognized. He tried to speak to him but he was asleep due to weakness. He was bleeding from his ankle. The gentleman took him to Hospital and asked for medical help. 

Doctors checked him and told the gentleman that due to shock he has a mild heart attack also and we will admit him. Doctor gave him a prescription and asked him to pay for scans, medicine etc to start the procedures. Gentleman went to the payment counter and asked the person to get him the estimate, the counter person checked the items and told him that it will cost rupees five thousand. The gentleman thanked him and started thinking what to do. He was not interested in making payment for the prescribed items. He sat there and started thinking about the next step. Should he give the slip to the doctor and say that he will have to get money and then not to come back.

He came back to Dayal Ji place and was shocked that he was not there. He enquired at the reception with the prescription and came to know that he has been admitted and he is put in a special ward. Gentleman started thinking, who is taking care of him with so much expenses. He took Dayal Ji details and reached to his room. Dayal Ji was not conscious and doctors were busy taking care of him. Gentleman was anxious to know about this special arrangement made for him.

He stood at one place near the room and kept watching. 

One doctor came to Dayal Ji and asked him, Sir, try to open your eyes, you are perfect now. Dayal Ji in very mild voice responded by opening his eyes. He is much better now.

Gentleman thought that this doctor addressed Dayal Ji as Sir, so he may check with him. He went to the doctor and told him about the morning incident, when he brought Dayal Ji in hospital. Doctor thanked him a lot and told me that he was one of my best teachers and today I got an opportunity to take care o his treatment. You don't worry, he is my patient and I am taking his care. 

Gentleman felt too bad about his thoughts which he had while paying for Dayal Ji medicines. Till now, he didn't know the value of Dayal Ji and he just knew him as a colleague. Dayal Ji was too modest & never told him about his great service during his teaching career. In fact, his many students are civil servants and senior lawyers, doctors etc.

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