Friday, March 26, 2021

Dhan Ka Dard ( धन का दर्द)


Purushottam Malkani ( PM) is a wealthy Person and owns several businesses. He has several offices at different locations and a big group of experienced executives.

His group is doing very good and recently his Son Puran has also joined his business. The projects were coming and getting executed as per client expectations and he has a good number of trusted clients.

After about 2-3 years, Puran developed a heart complication and was undergoing treatment. Today, suddenly his condition worsened and he was rushed to the best hospital of the city. People knew the PM very well and hence the hospital got the best doctors for his son. The treatment started and he was with the best doctors. The days passed by but the condition was not improving. PM was very sad and trying to find the solution. He was meeting other doctors and his colleagues to know more about the illness. Every day looks very tough and long for the PM. He was having everything at his disposal and was ready to pay for whatever that works for his son. He was not finding any way out for the current situation. He even visited several temples and saints and was waiting for their blessings. He was in deep thought to get some solution to this illness.

One day, he saw a dream that his family barber ( Kesav). Kesav used to come to his house for haircuts, massage and other household jobs, for his father and all family members. He was studying at that time and once while cutting the hair of his father, he told him that he has lockets from a saint which cures all health problems and many people have successfully tried it and it has never failed. His father just smiled and the PM was sitting near his father during this conversation. 

He got up early in the morning and enquired about Kesav. One person told him that Kesav stays in his village temple and he has poor vision also. You can find him there. The PM asked his driver to start immediately to take him to that temple. He reached the temple and asked the priest about Kesav. Priest told him that Kesav is here and he stays in a room of the temple. He can't see much so doesn't move. If you want to meet him, let's go to his room.

When PM entered Kesav's room, which was having very little light and he was too weak. When the PM told Kesav about him and his dream. Kesav's eyes were full of tears, he started saying many things about his father and family who helped him at that time to lead a good life. Kesav for very happy to see PM today and told him that I still have a few lockets and I will give one to you now.

Kesav asked the priest to get his box and he took one locket and gave it to PM saying that this locket has never failed and this time for your son also it will not fail. Go and put this locket in his neck and you will see improvement. PM thanked Kesav and promised him to take up his eye treatment soon and will stay with him. Kesav was very happy to hear this from the PM. PM left the temple for the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, PM was thinking that Kesav gave this locket free and if that works then what for my wealth exists. He found his wealth of little value today in getting peace and happiness in his life. Everything in this world has limitations, and you respect whatever you have. Anything can save you from bad times and show you it's importance and power.

The PM reached the hospital and saw his son in critical condition. He asked doctors to put this locket in his neck. They allowed and PM put the locket in his neck, touched his face and with tears came out of the room and sat in the lounge. He received a call from his doctor, who asked him to meet in his room. PM met the doctor, who was heading the treatment team of his son. The doctor asked him to sit on the chair and said that congratulations, the condition of your son is improving rapidly and I hope to see him walking in the next few days. The PM got up from his chair and held the hand of the doctor with tears pouring out. He had no words to express his joy. He came back and in the next few days, Puran came back to home and was coming back to normal very fast.

PM told the story of Kesav and locket to Puran. Puran was very happy and asked his father to bring Kesav here and we will go for his eyes treatment in the best hospital and he will now stay with us. Kesav will also remind them of their father's time and his stories. Kesav joined the PM family and everyone was very happy.

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