Friday, March 5, 2021

Mysterious Gel Frame ( रहस्यमय फ्रेम)


Dr Kero ( now onwards DK) is working as a Director - Research in one of the software companies. He is traveling with his colleague Grein, Director - Operation. The travel has multiple agenda from new business opportunities to regular business meetings with critical suppliers. They were frequently traveling together since long and have significantly contributed to the growth of the company.

They arrived at the Hotel and got into their rooms. Meetings are scheduled from tomorrow for the next three days. Hotel was very spacious and the menu was also having plenty of choices. The were preparing for the meeting and would meet for dinner.

The clients started coming in for the meeting and several groups are there for the meeting. Meeting was scheduled in different rooms for maintaining privacy.

Today is the last day and tomorrow morning they will leave the hotel. The remaining meetings are scheduled today and they both planned to complete them by 4 pm and then both of them will prepare a report. The work got completed as per schedule and they had a good dinner at the end of the day. They came to their rooms and started winding things up for tomorrow morning departure.

In the Morning, Grein was ready and knocked the door DK and called on his phone also but didn't get any response. He waited for some more time and since it was getting late, Grein again tried but had no response. He got worried and started smelling something wrong. He called reception and informed them about this situation. They immediately came and opened the door and found the dead body of DK with thick clotted blood around chest, stomach and neck. Grein got disturbed with the incident and asked hotel management to attend it fast. 

Hotel people called the police and the police took charge of the body and the room. They sealed the room and requested everyone to support the investigation. They informed us that we will get the accused soon. 

Grein started calling people at the office, his family, friends etc to update on this incident. Grein had no clue of the cause considering  a totally new place with a different agenda for a short time. He was trying to figure out a link with anyone in these past meetings. He had least doubts in hotel staff. Secondly, there was no evidence till now which can help tracking the accused.

Everyone who got this news was busy finding out the reason. No one was getting any convincing outcome. Days passed, months passed and it's almost six months over but there was no evidence. Police spoke to Grein several times to get some clue from meeting and people involved in the meeting or if Grein has any suspicious opinion about anyone, etc but nothing came out.

One day, a very old friend if DK  who came to know about his murder recently came to his family and shared that DK was using a very special frame for his glasses which contained gel inside the frame with tiny ( nano) cameras. He was very much fond of continuous, video-like coverage of the surroundings and he used to see the images captured by these nano cameras in his laptop using a special software. If we can get his glasses, and use that software which is there in his laptop, we may get some clue. This was really exciting. 

The family members called Grein and told him about the frame and his friend (Tresy).

Grein was super excited and asked for an immediate meeting with Tresy. Grein met Tresy and understood the complete details. Both got the DK laptop and saw the past images through the software. The software was functional and they could see the past stored images. This was a Eureka moment.

Grein immediately contacted Police and shared this details, police took the laptop in their possession and very soon, they got the images. The accused was one of the suppliers. He got arrested and during the investigation he told that DK didn't agree with the price and he lost a huge order. 

Family, Grein, Hotel staff and police all of them thanked Tresy for the invaluable information which helped them punish the accused and do the justice.

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