Wednesday, March 3, 2021

अनोखा खत ( Tale of a Letter )


Mrinal stays in a big housing society in the city. The society has about 1500 flats with all facilities. The campus also has a shopping complex, swimming pool, sports area, library, theatre etc. Presently Mrinal lives alone and her husband keeps traveling most of the time in connection with his business and so stays in Europe with his family. Mrinal was taking care of all the household work and tried to keep her busy. She has few friends too with whom she was meeting regularly. 

She started feeling alone now, and was not able to share her personal life issues. This situation slowly and slowly led her to depression and loss of interest in life around her.

One day she gave a list to a provision store's person and asked him to send the items at her house and she went to her friend. The items by mistake got delivered to the flat which was just below her flat. Koshal was staying in this flat with his son Mrigha. Koshal asked the provision delivery person to keep the items inside. When Mrigha came home, Koshal asked him to keep the bag at Mrinal house. Mrigha took the bag and went to Mrinal's house. Mrinal was watching TV and greeted Mrigha. She told Mrigha, you have at the right time, I want to have some tea, I will make tea, you watch the TV. Mrigha told, aunty I make good tea, let me prepare for you. In the meantime, Mrigha got a call and she became busy.

Mrigha went to the kitchen to prepare the Tea. He was looking for sugar and in one of the containers, he found a paper. He took that paper and was shocked to read the content. This was Suicide note of Mrinal. Mrigha was very upset and feeling sad to know this. He had tea and came to his house.

Mrigha told this to Koshal. Koshal was shocked and felt very bad. He went into deep thinking and wanted to help her immediately. He also didn't want her to know that they were helping her.

Koshal told Mrigha, I have a plan for dealing with Mrinal's current problem and told him the details of actions to be executed. As per the plan, Mrigha will prepare a letter, saying that during school days, one of her teachers had submitted her name in an international organization which offers family trips to few countries with no cost from their side. This scheme is effective anytime after the student crosses 50 yrs of age. Put this letter in an envelope with some crazy seals and very early in the morning, drop in her letter box.

Mrigha dropped the letter as planned and both Marigha & Koshal started watching Mrinal's behaviour to see the effect of the letter. They found a sudden change in her behaviour and she was looking very excited and with great energy meeting the people. This was a very satisfying development.

Koshal told Mrigha to meet her after a month and check for the Suicide letter which she had kept in the sugar jar. Mrigha went to meet her after about a month, Mrinal was very happy,and she asked him to have tea. Mrigha told her, I will prepare tea, I like preparing & serving tea. Mrigha went to the kitchen and started preparing tea. He opened the Sugar jar in which the Suicide letter was kept but he didn't not find the letter. Mrigha was too happy to see this and had tea with Mrinal who was looking cheerful & healthy.

Mrigha came to his house and told Kaushal about the missing letter. Both were very happy with the development and now hoping for a good long life for Mrinal.


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