Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Chat with Corona Virus


I recently met CoronaVirus when I went to see my colleague who had got Covid infection and was admitted in a hospital. I was waiting in the lounge and Corona came there to have some snacks.

I was very excited to meet him and know something about him. When I found him a little bit free, I went to him and requested for a small chat. He agreed and asked me to sit near him.

He was very happy to see me and with a smile asked me about the purpose of being here. I told him about my colleague who was suffering from Corona and I had come to enquire about his health.

Corona felt bad and told me that everyone needs to know about tips for survival. We can enjoy life only if we are alive  and healthy. Nature doesn't work against us, we all are his children. We are all equipped with things which are required for our survival. Do you think it's because of me that your colleague is in hospital and in pain? Why will I do anything wrong to others? I am very religious and believe in God. I am here to do good for every creature on this planet and elsewhere. 

I was shocked to listen these words and he was so polite and well behaved during the talk that I became his biggest fan.

Out of my curiosity, I asked him, many people are in pain and dying too due to infection caused by your invasion in our body and the whole population is worried about the future course of the infection. I want to know from you, what exactly is causing the problem and how can we avoid this Pandemic.

Corona looked at me and with a smile, he told me it's your problem, I don't know why your body is reacting so badly to my presence. Alone, we both are fine and enjoying life, what goes wrong when we meet. I don't have any problem with you. Did I complain to you about my reaction in your presence, NO. When I can adjust with you, why aren't you learning to do the same. God has not created us as enemies, we created it for our selfish reasons. Learn to live with other partners of Nature,there is no other way to enjoy life here. We both have to survive, we both have to learn our ways to do so without harming each other.

Let's work on this mantra of " Learn to Live with Others". Today you have a complaint with me, tomorrow you will have a complaint against your own people. 

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