Thursday, May 6, 2021

EspayceMo - Experience the Oneness


Today, Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness practices are popular recipes across the globe for a Healthy and Stress-free Life. These practices have a long history and people in ancient times were aware of them and used them for achieving a healthy and peaceful Life. They have been discussed in detail in several texts and hence a rich information is available to support their use and benefits in health and happiness.

These techniques need trained Teachers who received the knowledge from their teachers after rigorous training and the tradition continues. There is of course technical differences among these techniques eg Meditation needs anything to meditate upon, Yoga is completely different and focuses on the tune/fitness of the body. Mindfulness is slightly different from Meditation and demands mind attention on present ie as things exist in present, like sensing smell, walking towards temple for prayer etc.

However, these don't show required results if done alone or in isolation unless the lifestyle/habit is aligned to these practices. This discipline aspect makes these techniques less effective or with variable results among a large number of its users and many times not very convenient to few. Today, in this competitive time, a large number of people are living with limited choices and they can't afford a continuous long term disciplined lifestyle required for the visible outcome of these practices. This is evident today in the form of stress and health issues across the professions and age groups, despite good presence of the above mentioned techniques.

Therefore, to attend the current needs of suffering from stress and deficiency of Happiness, a very easy approach has been developed and it is known as

"EspayceMo". EspayceMo doesn't need any intense, long term training but a very short & few meetings to understand the practice tips. These tips can be used SOS, whenever the individual feels stressed, upset, low, depressed etc. to transit itself into a bigger world, where he is not alone but with everyone.

This technique is based on the fact that if we shift our Mind from "Things to Nothing", it takes us to a world of "Nothingness". The mental state of "Nothingness" is the intense feeling of  "Oneness" ie there is nothing else except YOU.

Let's understand this equation of Nothingness and Oneness. How Nothingness is compared with Oneness. This is because of the fact that once you are soaked into "Nothing", you join "Everything", which is            "Eternal Space". By joining the Eternal Space, you dissolve into Oneness i.e. encompassing Everything. You feel your presence Everywhere, nothing is unaffected by You. You pervade everything. This is omnipresence state.

Stay here ( in this state of pervading everything like God ) for sometime, totally detached just like a boat floating on Water.

This state of "Soaked with Nothingness" & be with everything will make you feel content, relaxed and happy. The more often and longer you experience this state of soaking, the more energetic and happy you will feel.

Let's practice this EspayceMo and say big NO to stress and loud YES to Happiness. 

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