Thursday, February 17, 2022

Lounge ke Woh Pal

Vansa is a businessman and has a jewellery shop in the city. He opened this shop after completing his graduation.

His father expired when he was in school and then after his mother took complete responsibilities for education etc. He got married to Mansi 4 years back who was a software engineer in a multinational company & was posted in the city. He met Mansi in a mall, where she was waiting for her friends and during a phone call, her purse dropped on the steps of escalator, with several people on the escalator at that time. The purse was rolling down on steps and reached to Vansa who picked it up and could also somehow see Mansi but due to rush, it was not possible to get connected and confirm her about the purse . She was waiting at the end of the escalator and looking at everyone for the purse.

Vansa came to her with a smile and gave her purse and told the story of how he got the purse on the crowded steps. He asked her to check the contents of the bag because it might have come under feets of people. She checked the contents immediately and found everything in order. He told her not to repeat this and advised her to remain in present and alert & at the same time keep experiencing the ambience. Mansi thanked him and somehow liked his way of describing things in a very interesting manner and both glued in conversation. Vansa told her, if she has no serious shopping plans, he would like to spend sometime with her in cafe till her friends arrive. Mansi agreed and they grabbed a table in cafe. Vansa conversational style and manners took her completely in his world. They had a good time and later they kept meeting and on one fine day Mansi proposed her and both got married.

Last year, Mansi expired due to liver cancer and they had no children. Vansa was upset with this loss and he was always thinking about the time they spent together.

Vansa today was on a 2 day business trip to Jaipur and was waiting in the airport lounge. After some time, a lady with a small kid of about 2 year old took the next seat to Vansa. Her name was Shital and the kid's name was Vibhu. She got a coffee and some snacks and was busy with her phone. Vibhu was having a tab on which he was playing some game. Suddenly, Vibhu hit the coffee cup and snacks which spilled on the floor and also on Vansa's clothes. Shital got angry with Vibhu and shouted at her badly. She continued scolding him for the act and Vibhu was shivering. She asked her to say sorry to Vansa for this act. Vansa found this act very disturbing because it was not intentional and why this small kid should feel bad and say him sorry in front of so many people.

Vansa came to Vibhu and took him to his seat and asked him to show his game. Shital was very angry and when she looked at Vansa, he was cool and calm and was helping Vibhu to play the game  better and score more. Shital told Vansa, Vibhu has done very bad and he is not even feeling guilty. Why don't you tell him that I am very serious and may not continue this journey because of his misbehave. Vansa smiled and told Shital, what is so disturbing in his act, he is an innocent child, only he can do such things. Do you see any adult here who is making such mistakes? He also never wanted to do it, it just happened. Think this way that if you make a mistake, and the other person shouts at you like you did now with Vibhu in front of people; are you going to listen so silently as Vibhu did? Leave it, let's have some coffee and Vansa got coffee and cookies for everyone. 

Shital was amazed with the response of Vansa. She was impressed by his cool and convincing style of handling the situation. She had nothing to say further and she joined Vansa for the coffee. She was also feeling good to see the way Vibhu was attached to him and having his cookies with his hands. She asked Vansa to share something about himself. Vansa told her about his family, late Wife Mansa and his business. He also told her about his today's visit to Jaipur. Shital thought, how God appears in form of a situation and people & shows the way which one can never even dream of. She thought, we do have Neurons but they only listen God's instructions, our Thoughts keep flowing like  unstoppable wind. We just look like a Key which is searching it's Lock and when , where, how we will get our lock is the game God plays with us till we breathe.

She told Vansa, would you mind joining me up to Delhi, I want to discuss with you something, I think God had a purpose behind what all happened today. Vansa told, no issues, my flight is going via Delhi and I will drop my flight there and take another flight after your meeting. Shital thanked Vansa and felt relaxed. They left for Delhi and reached safely. On the way, Shital told Vansa about herself and her job as a journalist in a national newspaper.

Shital informed her father Prakash about the lounge incident and Vansa, who has accompanied her. Prakash was very happy to see Shital relaxed and cheerful after a longtime. He thanked God for their meeting and came to meet Vansa. He found Vansa very charming and well behaved. He had a good meeting with Vansa. 

Vansa on the other hand was thanking God for this development and was hoping to get Shital as his life partner. He was anxious about the next course of this meeting. Shital spoke to her father and shared her desire to propose Vansa as her life partner. Prakash was expecting this and he told Shital that I don't know how Vansa will respond. But we will not think too much and while taking our meals,I will take up this point and let's hope he agrees to the proposal.

Shital was very nervous and started feeling weak also as the dinner time was approaching. She didn't want to lose Vansa, such a moment doesn't come again in this short life. She was preparing herself for the discussion. Vansa on the other hand was in a similar situation and was extremely nervous. His face was becoming pale. He thought of taking a shower before meals to feel fresh and put his point during the dinner. He went for shower and straight away joined everyone on the dinner.

They all took their seats and there was a deep silence. Prakash told Vansa, it looks like you are not comfortable with us and maintaining such silence, am I right? Vansa smiled and said, sir, why did this thought come to you, I am enjoying this place and actually wanted to spend some more time. I am very happy to meet all of you including the sweet Vibhu.

Prakash said, that's really great that you liked us, our hospitality and place. I am sure you will like the food too, which Shital has prepared. She is a very good cook. Meanwhile, Shital served the food and joined them. Everyone joined the meals and discussion started. Both, Shital and Vansa were nervous but Prakash raised the matter and told Vansa about the feelings of Shital, Vansa got relieved and relaxed and agreed to the proposal by saying that he too wanted to share the same and would have proposed. It was a great moment for all of them and Vansa told them that he will join them after finishing his meetings at Jaipur. 

Vansa after few days spoke to Shital and asked her for a meeting with her mother. Shital was very happy and told him that she would be there with Vibhu and Prakash soon. They reached Vansa house and had a great time. Both families were very happy and feeling blessed.

Vanshi (Vansa & Shital) got married and started staying together with Vibhu. Everyone was very happy with this relation. Did key got its lock ?  This question follows us like a shadow and this is what Life is...we are hunting for the lock which would show us way to our life's destination ie everlasting Happiness....

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