Saturday, March 19, 2022

Bitter But...


TODAY we are living in a world which has exponential growth of ideas/thoughts and these are the outcome of multitude of brains at work. Our brain function has embedded mysteries and neural networks and these networks are getting modified each moment. The thought which is shared by a person is normally measured with the scale which is currently in practice and if the idea does not fit into this scale then it has no space or right to exist at this point of time.

History has enough such instances where ideas were rejected and declined strongly by the intellectual community of that time just because it was not fitting in the scale of that era but today it got recognition & it is popular. So if a thought that comes to mind is Pure and coming straight from the soul and you believe it 100% then it cannot be wrong and it is going to be a path breaking idea in time to come. The basis of this strong belief in the pure thoughts or sincere thoughts is just because we don't have control on our thoughts. They are governed by a different law of nature. Like any other product say, Smartphone, Sugar or an Instrument we also have a specification. Every person has a unique specification, a fingerprint of his brain/mind that cannot be duplicated and this makes every individual very special. We estimate or underestimate a thought based on our current scale and if it looks absurd then people don't hesitate to strongly condemn and reject it. The rejection of thought, if pure, is a Bitter time and one should learn to handle this intersection of thoughts effectively. Such intersection of thoughts has a hidden opportunity and every thought which intersects the existing thought at 90° is a rare phenomena. Since we want to have a comfortable situation, we often think to gel in the present stream of thoughts.

Sach situation of thought confrontation is the moment of life and the bearer of pure thought should be mature enough to handle it. If you are the possessor of such pure thoughts you have to learn the skill of handling and neutralizing these bitter opposing thoughts.

 Such situations are only the test of perseverance and courage and you have to learn to create a Parallel Pure belief in your soul that the current bitterness is harmless and it's going to become brighter and clear in time to come like a candle flame that  dispels darkness despite it's small size.

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