Saturday, March 12, 2022

ENO Powder (GSK) - Effervescent Natrium Orale


ENO Effervescent Powder enjoys a special space in its domain and with a sense of respect to its popularity among the users here in India, I take this opportunity to show my feelings for this wonderful product and call it "Effervescent Natrium Orale". Not only it's effervescence gives relief from the stomach heaviness and discomfort but also it provides a very crucial electrolyte for our health i.e. "Sodium or Natrium" and of course it's route of administration is the most preferred to all i.e Oral. We feel like giving our own name to something only when it belongs to us and this personal belongingness has forced me to assign this name to my own Cute & Glamorous Sachet.

This product moves in an amazingly high volume among the common people in India and I feel it has its lion's share in the segment. It has achieved such a popularity that It doesn't need any formal introduction for it's indications. It is not only known to it's consumers but also to any common person who has never consumed it. It's like Britannia or Parle G biscuits, Amul dairy Products, Samsung, Bajaj ,Reliance etc for which people feel pride in having them for their use.

ENO is a name which enjoys such a popularity that many customers enquire shopkeepers for crazy flavours like, Watermelon, Guava, Rabdi, Kesar Badam, Rasam etc and such interactions are quite entertaining. The shopkeeper and customer both smile during enquiry and sometimes the shopkeeper tells them that he will pass on their enquiry to the Company and they may expect it soon. When a customer demands any product with a specific flavour that he enjoys, it reflects the space & love which product enjoys in their lives. It validates the product's success.

ENO powder reconstitution is an experience itself. People sometimes take Water first and pour the stream of Powder over it and enjoy the moves of powder into water and the fizz that even comes out of the glass. This whole process is performed with deep involvement like a chef who enjoys cutting, chopping, sprinkling of spices etc.

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