Friday, March 4, 2022

GoldenChip Inc.


Mayank after completing his software engineering course, decided to start his own business. It's about 10 years from now that he ventured into starting his current company in the city of Sybau, the city is strategically situated at a junction where already few big Technology parks are operational. He was therefore expecting a good business. Mayank invested a big sum in design and building his Corporate office and he did a very thorough homework in securing the confidentiality of the company's operations and therefore he got a very innovative chip ( Desibel G) in collaboration with a MNC. This chip is protected through numerous patents and still not commercialised under an agreement between Mayank and the patent holders at the very beginning of this Chip project. Mayank has also a mutual agreement with very strict mutual legal obligations, considering the versatility of this chip in operation of his business.

His company business includes Data management , Journalism/Media, Entertainment and owns a production house and a TV channel. Also, currently he has a very good number of clients and therefore he  spends a good amount on the security and infrastructure of the company. In his business, confidentiality and security plays a vital role and hence he is serious about this chip.

The architect of the corporate office is his very close relative and they have prepared the complete plan for the corporate house campus, which is named as "Oreka" . The corporate house has cabins for senior management and work stations for individual employees that are fully equipped with all necessary elements. The corporate building also has a very posh Cafeteria, Library and meeting rooms. There is a big Amphitheater in the campus and a few mini cinema theaters. Campus has a very good facility for the stay of guests and visitors. There is ample space for parking for the personal as well as the official vehicles.

The company has about 700 employees and hence the corporate building always has plenty of activities within the campus. Mayank wanted to control the Campus and the People electronically & remotely so that he is not putting any extra resources in knowing the activities which are happening in the campus or during the use of the official vehicles when they are on the roads with the visitor or with the employees. 

This idea came into my mind just because of the fact that he wanted to know the kind of discussions , meetings, chit chat or any other conversation which is happening within the business hours or on campus. He wanted to use these conversations for an effective control and operation of the company. Somehow he felt that this area needs strict control to develop an integrated and effective team  and build a very strong skeleton for future growth. He therefore had put a great effort on the designing of the corporate campus and use of the Desibel G  chip. 

The Desibel G chip was embedded in all the workstations, meeting rooms, cables, parking space, cinema theatres and numerous places at strategic locations. We can say that the entire campus was enveloped with this chip. This was even put into the company vehicles and many other locations which were only known to Mayank and the architect. Even after about 10 years of campus operation NOBODY is aware of this embedded chip and Mayank used the information captured through this chip in a very skilled manner to build the company to the next level.

The use of Desibel G chip has helped him in knowing the pulse of the people, the activities happening at multiple locations, the nature of prevailing thoughts and the health of the overall business. This Desibel G is playing a very crucial role in the information processing and infusing the company culture and control on the activity which are not desired. Mayank found this chip very sensitive because it could capture even very low dB sounds even lower than the sound which human ears can perceive ie in the range of infrasound. The sensitivity and clarity of the reception was able to give him the clear speech details , location of the discussion, the person engaged in the speech etc. This chip was able to display the name of  person alongwith the voice it is capturing and when new person joins the company or a visitor joins the business meeting at the campus, alongwith the biometric details, his is voice is also recorded for few seconds and those voice details are efficiently processed by the chip and linked with identity of the person. 

Mayank was very happy with the chip performance and in future he has plans to use this chip in the official mobile number bearing phones, laptops which the owner of the laptop or the mobile set will not be aware and therefore whatever discussion/ chat happens around the gadgets will be seamlessly travelling to Mayank who will be able to you know the activities. 

The best part of it was that its power source is Gravity and therefore there is no stoppage of the functioning at any point of time which makes this chip extraordinary and also very cost effective.

Mayank's business is on a smooth & growing trajectory and he gives significant credit for this to his Desibel G project decision.

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