Monday, March 21, 2022

Joining is Making One


Fevicol doesn't join, it holds pieces together. It mathematically means 1+1= 2 because now the joined pieces contain two different materials. Cement does the same thing in civil constructions. However, the joining of two separate identities is a totally different thing and it's more complex. We don't need Fevicol or any other adhesive to join two Water Drops or any two similar liquid or gas. They are simply governed by natural laws and behaviour of the material. They are Flexible & Affectionate. They want to join each other and sacrifice their identity

and become "One" bigger Drop.  Now we can't take out these two drops from the bigger drop.  They joined each other. Joining does not require any external agent and is expressed mathematically as 1+1= 1. Since this joining requires pure sacrifice and involvement, it can't happen with the same material which are Solid ( Not flexible and ready to sacrifice their structure, nature ). Therefore, we need an external agent like an adhesive to join Solids, even of same or different materials which refuse to sacrifice and are rigid about their identity.

But while dealing with Humans, we must practice joining and it is complex and not easy. 

When we talk of any group of human that requires more than an individual, like Marriage, Friends, Team, Society, etc we need to sacrifice our identity with a  Pure consciousness,  Affection & Mutual Respect. Therefore, we face numerous issues and challenges when it comes to form a Stable and Happy Married life, Great Cohesive/Joint Family, Great Team etc.

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