Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Panadol ActiFast Tablets (GSK)


Pain is a powerful sensation which masks even the complications from which it originates. Nature has created this wonderful mechanism to get the attention of Doctor, People around towards the complications fast. God doesn't want to see us in Pain and hence this feeling of Pain is so intense and acute.

Paracetamol tablets is a well known product among the doctors as well as patients including common man. It is a household product which has become a Celebrity among the other products during the COVID time. The indication of Paracetamol and the symptoms in this infection are quite similar. This caused a sudden spike in the consumption of Paracetamol during this pandemic. This pandemic has given a very special platform to this medication and a common man has been educated significantly about this medicine.

Paracetamol is a very affordable and effective medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate pain, fever and provides a significant relief to the patient. 

Now if you see from the patients perspective no patient wants a state of "Pain" and therefore the products which come in this category have a new unique opportunity to create a space for them by offering a quick relief to the patient. Therefore this stage belongs to the product which offers fastest relief in the pain and the formulations which offer the speedy relief win the hearts.

The answer for this quick relief lies the chemistry of the drug and the overall composition of the product. We know that the substances which we take orally are taken into blood circulation only when they are into Solution/Molecular form. Hence the sprint for the conversion of particles of the substance into the solution for molecular form ends at the interface of blood vessels and the GIT. The aim of the product is to offer Paracetamol in a soluble or molecular form at the blood vessel - GIT interface for immediate uptake by the blood vessels and reaching First to the target. The product development has to show skill in making the Paracetamol available at the blood vessel - GIT junction as quick as possible and once the soluble drug is taken up by the blood the journey is beyond control

One such innovative approach is used in the preparation of Panadol ActiFast tablets. 

This unique formulation of Paracetamol was possible by understanding the chemistry of Paracetamol and the inactives selected for making this product. The objective was to convert Paracetamol particles into a molecular form that is a solution and it has been achieved by using very specific inactives. If you want to open a Lock, you need to have a very specific Key. The specific inactive substance selection worked like a Key to unlock the solubility bottleneck of this poorly soluble wonder drug. This all could happen because of a deeper understanding of the Chemistry of Paracetamol ( Lock) & Inactives (Key).

The story does not end here and one can find multiple ways of achieving faster solubility of Paracetamol and the availability of molecular form of Paracetamol at the blood vessel- GIT interface. One such powerful platform is iAagglomerates which can be used to convert particulate form of drug,like Paracetamol which has limited aqueous solubility into a fast dissolving form, like ActiFast Tablets.

We need to work on Pain related formulations to offer a quick relief from the Pain.

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