Thursday, March 17, 2022

Recruitment - Handle with Care


Recruitment & Hiring are  routine activities of a business. However, this is also a fact that it's still too young and needs huge efforts to grow it healthy. Any business looks for people who can help in growth and fulfilling the company's dreams. This is a very natural and effortless task. Why would anybody dream Small or would like to fail? The dream vs people recruitment is a precise titration to get the desired "end point" or meeting the set goal. However, perhaps more than analysis and reflection on the new candidate, business should reflect and study its own structure and nature. It's all mutual, interconnected and nothing to be seen in isolation. Afterall, the candidate is going to join the system and the company expects him/her to gel well with the system and make it a homogeneous place. Can candidate or Company alone achieve this?

Let's put it this way to make it simple - If Sugar syrup is to be prepared, Only Sugar  will not decide the Syrup, if you add Oil or some other liquid instead of Water, Syrup will not form. Same way if Water is there but instead of Sugar you take Salt or Calcium carbonate, Syrup will not form. Both, Sugar and water need to meet their requirements to get desired Syrup.

Therefore, to get a right candidate, not only his/her impressive resume, role clarity etc would guarantee the right fit but how the company is going to support, gel with him/her is equally crucial. Making a cup of Tea for a newly wed daughter in-law in a new family is not a big deal, she knows how to prepare Tea but the most important aspect is ,has she really become part of the family ( gelled with the family) and enjoys the same space as a daughter of the family. This match making decides the outcome ie whole process, comfort and enjoyment of making a Soulful Tea. How many families reflect on this and put sincere efforts to gel with their daughter in-law and offer her a daughter space. People debate on who has to gel, We or She? When you add Salt to Water, who decides the rapid solubility of Salt in Water, that disappears soon and makes the water salty everywhere.

Water or Salt ? or BOTH…

The day you get the answer, you are enlightened and the recruitment/hiring will get aligned ( gelled) with the business growth.


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