Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Pillar of Temple

Happy & Devoted Lives can make stones alive ....

Hemur is a small city and it's people are prosperous. There are agriculture fields with good crops all around the year, good connectivity to other parts of the country by road & train . Hemur has a several schools , colleges, hospitals and Market places. People celebrate festivals with great joy.

There is a nice temple in Hemur in which several gods and goddesses idols were placed and were regularly worshipped. All major locations in the Temple were given a name, like Main gate is Meru, the six major Pillars are Rumi, Tarun , Sumer, Radha, Deepa & Sweta and the sitting bench is Marut.
The pillar Sumer has several things to share. It is located near the main idol and facing the other Pillar Sweta making a wide passage for people to walk upto the idol.
Sumer is telling Sweta - what a location and place I have got , if God asks me what I wish to be in the next life , I would say, I want to continue this pillar form in time to come.
Sumer continues, I see people flowing towards the main idol as child pulled to her mother , river flows to ocean and things fall to ground.
People completely change here, they are silent and no verbal communication with idol. They see towards idol and speak with mind. They don't feel any barrier of age, sex in this communication. 
Yesterday I saw a young man coming to Idol with sweets, a young lady with flowers, sweets and clothes, an old man with flowers and tears in his eyes and an old lady with a stick in her hand accompanied with a child.
The pillar Sumer is becoming philosophical and says, I didn't see anything so special here including idol. All these materials are natural and common, like stone, iron, marble. The idol is made up of stone. People who come here with great trust and devotion here probably made this idol and place powerful. Life bearing thing here are humans and not the idol. How idol can affect life and affect their future trajectory? Does it get power from the numerous devoted minds that continuously surrounds it. Is it the number of such minds that fills idol with tremendous enlightenment.

God created Life and Matter both and has abilities to mingle both at wish. The power in Matter (Idols) comes from the power of Lives around and Life needs matter to hold its Power.

The pillar Sumer concludes by saying that I bow head to people who made us special but people feel that we are special. 

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