Monday, January 2, 2023

communication ka Tadka

I don't resist a bit to say that communication envelopes our life. We put everything in ensuring that work which we do is perfect and most of the time the work is technically flawless but still we don't see the expected outcomes. We blame the other side and feel they didn't do justice and working with bias.

The picture below is an example of a delicate and complex communication.

Communication is everywhere in our life from dressing, grooming, posture, subtle body movements to speech, writing etc. Whatever we are doing is coated or enveloped with communication and nothing without communication is possible. You need to be very cautious and knowledgeable about this communication. Keep yourself engaged in learning this skill to get substantial outcomes of your acts.

Many of us fail to realise the importance of human elements in the work, like how did I approach people while arranging the things for my work, how did I manage mutual respect and listened to others during interaction for the work , was the description levels right for the reader, could I visualise my work as desired for the reader, did I use all required tools like sketching, photo, video, graph etc to ensure the completeness of the details, were the description could sufficiently convey to the reader to visualise my work as I expect. 

We often fail to realise criticality of these aspects of our work and as a result end up with poor acceptance or return of the work.
While doing the work, we need to consider human components with equal seriousness. 
The correct learning of the communication skills starting from grooming to interactions to putting on paper is very crucial to success.

Most of the time, you don't get feedback from the other side and that is a more complex situation and as you grow the feedback guidance disappears and you need to learn through reflections.

Those are lucky who receive shouting and guidance for crucial acts else you learn by paying for it.

So, like our foods are received well and sell with right Tadka @ right stage of preparation, you need to develop the use of communication tips as and when required during the whole process of work.

There is no finish line for this process and you can simply keep in improving and manage your work to get the deserved response.
Don't forget to work on communication ka Tadka and use a right Tadka with a bang.

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