Friday, January 20, 2023

Do not Chase Happiness...Crave for Stillness of Mind

Happiness is one single "feeling" that has always been in high demand irrespective of background of the individual. Each one of us want to be happy every moment.

Let's analyse this unique feeling more closely.  Happiness is a positive feeling and it is in response to some good act. This positive feeling of Happiness is undoubtedly a "state of mind" which we wish to maintain forever without any interruption.

Now, the fact is that Happiness is a feeling and not the equilibrium or baseline state of Mind and maintaining a feeling or attachment to any feeling continuosly is a stress. Since body always likes to stay in equilibrium state, it keep reminding this achieved state of Happiness.

The ultimate aim of life is the achievement of equilibrium state of Mind. However, we can't avoid distractions and disturbances in real life and hence anything that helps us bring back to the equilibrium state of calmness is actually most desired quality of mind. The equilibrium state of mind is the  state where emotions and feelings are being created and handled  without becoming part of it ( totally detached from the activities), very similar to a pond water which  becomes still after a disturbance subsides. Remaining still is it's nature and this stillness is the reference point for measuring or knowing the disturbance. 

Therefore, Mind is to be trained for this stillness and anything that distracts it from this state of stillness should be temporary and will vanish as soon as the cause of distraction disappears.

The stillness is the state which doesn't consume any energy and can remain in this state forever. 

It is important to note here that this state of stillness does not require any specific act or effort. It is just a state of nothingness or Silence or Calm.  This is truly a wonderful state of Mind and is so powerful that once you attain this even for some time,  it would continuosly remind you to remain at this state like a streched spring wants to come back to its normal unstreched position. 

The state of nothingness, still or calm mind restores plenty of energy and helps improving sensitivity of senses and consciousness. This in turn improves Quality of thoughts and decisions. It also helps restoring ignorance and ego- free self.

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