Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Truthphobic Nature

Sumitra ma'am entered in the class and looked towards students quickly. She pulled chair and dumped her book and purse on the table with a sound.

Good morning ma'am, a sound with many different textures but in a harmony filled the room.
Sumitra is a teacher in high school and right now she is in class 6th for her history session. She is not punctual and sincere and also has poor sense of dress. Her body language and communication sends clear message of casual attitude. She is also not very organised and keeps her work place chaotic.

Rashmi, stand up and go to page number twenty three and read the second paragraph, Sumitra instructed.

Rashmi slowly stood up and told , Ma'am I don't have the book, can I take  from Fareen. Ma'am shouted at her and said, what happened to your book, I had instructed everyone in the beginning that you have to come with book without fail. Why your book is not there?
 Rashmi got hurt and was thinking how to say the fact in front of class. Actually, her father sells fruits and has very little income. She manages books on rent whenever she needs for reference or during exams. So, today she didn't bring the book. Sumitra called her and asked the reason. Rashmi told she "forgot" the book and she will bring it in the next class. Rashmi didn't "feel to share the truth" to ma'am. The nature of Ma'am stopped her to share the  truth. Ma'am got upset and asked her to leave the classroom. Rashmi left the classroom and stood outside with tears in her eyes and feeling sad about the whole act.

She was thinking, why ma'am didn't not allow her to take book from Fareen, anyway only one person has to read at a time and I was ready to read the text. This punishment was painful to her with no convincing reasons.

Rashmi also felt that in Life also many a times we don't have things which we are supposed to have, like Pain balm, Knife, Cotton etc while traveling and we can't  foresee situations everytime. So, in need one has to borrow and the humanity is that we need to help such people to make a happy society.

We are social animals and live in a society where our mutual needs are met through help from others. This helping act has been talked about in details in all religions. 

Knowingly or unknowingly we exist because of mutual help in nature. Our existence will be threatened if this helping element is disturbed.
We need to understand situation and use our maturity to extend such help as and when required, this makes us feel good and on the other hand someone's problem is solved.

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