Wednesday, March 29, 2023

U-Build : A fascinating Story of a Business Incubator

Today we live in a Society which is breathing competition. How has this competitive Society evolved with time? Why were we not talking about it a few decades back? The reason is simple - Due to tremendous increase in the thrust on Education related infrastructure, the number of Qualified people is increasing at a good pace but job opportunities didn't grow accordingly to offer suitable jobs to every qualified person. 

The answer is setting up a well equipped Incubator/Startup related infrastructure, where bright Youth, Faculty, Researcher can convert their Innovative ideas into reality and a business. 

James is a Medical doctor who sensed this opportunity and created a state of the art Incubator Facility for Healthcare business Startups. 

His facility complex  included all possible support systems which an idea bearer may require, like Experts, Library, Patent, Training , Continuous education,  Funding, Marketing & regulatory support.

However, his business is not doing well and his facilities are mostly "under utilized".

He is trying hard to get business. 

Recently, he met his friend and entrepreneur John. He shared his Incubator Facility problem with him. John told him to prepare a few minute Documentary on his facility and suggested him to give a name to the facility for Branding . James liked this idea and started working on it. 

In few weeks, he was ready with the Documentary and a brand name "U-Build". He asked all his Incubator startups to put this documentary on their website and also hired a Digital Marketing Company to Brand it.

Within a year, he started getting clients and things changed. Today, he is inaugurating a new Incubator Facility for Drug Discovery based Businesses.

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